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I had a real tough time deciding on what audience to target. I wanted a page for my childrens favorite sites, plus my husband has a truck hobby, and a promotional site to help make my web designing career take-off.

My children love getting on the internet just to look up anything. I tried to pick out some of there favorite sites. The ones I chose are the ones they seem to visit the most. I wanted this site to be brite with alot of color and cute images.

I developed a site for my husband's number one hobby; trucks. 4x4 trucks, to go off roading, rock climbing and trail riding.

My last and final page I tried to target audiences that would be interest in needing web page work done for their business, home or just for fun. I really enjoyed a Web Page Authoring class I had taken, and so that is what drove me into, hopefully, choosing this as a career.