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Ramblings of a Teenage Mastermind
Mood:  not sure
Today while I was innocently eating my lunch and playing out things in my head I was interrupted.
You see, I sit one table away from thew "special" kids. And one of them hit on me! He says I'm beautiful and the girl in his eyes. God, spare me. Please. Just spare me. Just because I don't believe in you doesn't mean you must scron me! Why? Why o why? Boo-hoo. wasnt so bad...he's a cute kid In hid own way I guess...umm..yea.
DONT YOU LOVE JACK SPARROW? oh, excuse me, Captain Jack Sparrow! Oh you do? ::pulls out a knife while smiling:: No one can love him but me. ::evil grin::
Oh you don't love him? Thats better!
Ok ttyl if I feel like it. (ps-wit on the fritz (my title) means that tody i dont feel like much sarcasm...)
Love, Me

Posted by magic2/chaos0 at 7:18 PM EDT
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Mood:  sharp
Now Playing: Voices in my head...
Captain Jack Sparrow Says:

Hi. I'm Me and I'm a mastermind...says me, cause in my world...I am the smartest one. So let me tell you I am Me I Hate a lot of things but right now, at the top of my head, they are: Lima Beans, Rap and umm somethin I forgot. I like to ramble and in this blog I think I'll ramble. (For all the half-wits out there I have taken the liberty to give you the REAL definition of ramble):
Ramble(v)"ram-bull": Process in which I, Me, talk about things I love, hate, and don't understand because it's too stupid for my mastermind-like qualitites to take in and in which you, You, read and save to your memory because what I say is so fascinating to your primitive mind.
(That was the short definition...I figure we start you out easy and become more extended as time...extends.)
Something about me you may know: Only three people can tell me what to do and I'll listen: Me boyfriend (yes I am normal enough for dating and by the by, Ima girl)Captain Jack Sparrow and the Devil(mum).
I was plannin on writing a lot more but I got exhausted: (My mastermind was overloaded when I had to limit it's ability when explaining simple things to You) *Please note: I don't care if you find my self-assuredness rude or if I mis-spell and mis-grammar something....masterminds are lazy*

Posted by magic2/chaos0 at 7:43 PM EDT
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