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Hey.if your on my web have found the dumbest web page of all time.cause i dont know what to put on there may be some random stuff in this web page. ohh well your here so make the most of it.

so your reading this?Theres no point cause this was made by a thirteen year old,so wats so interesting about wat im doing?! There couldnt be anything interesting about this.can there?.

here are some links that i think are cool.(your opinion may differ)

cheats/codes cheats for cheaters

joecartoon funny animations

runescape a cool online game

graal a cool game


ok i cant think of anything else to put on this page.what can i put? i know ill put a list of what potatoes are good for.yeah ill do that.

potatoe list(what are they good for?)

not responsable for any injury for numbers 4 and 5.

number 1:eating

number 2:cooking

number 3:making potatoe prints(carving a shape in the potatoe and printing it with paint)

number 4:throwing(hurts like hell!)

number 5:playing nutball!(warning my cause extreame pain!!)

potatoe guns(dont shot at eyes or animals)(not joking!)

well thats it for the potatoe remember kids dont do numbers 4 and 5(recomended for crazy teenagers)but still dont do it.