Here is the situation                            Saturday, August 20, 2005


heartbreaker_38117 has joined the table

heartbreaker_38117 is sitting opposite to kyleshave

montse_sylke is sitting opposite to jctami


montse_sylke: hi

heartbreaker_38117: n

jctami: sorry


jctami has claimed the remaining points

(after one round of the game, things were normal and nobody claimed any moon)


heartbreaker_38117: cover your pass whore

jctami: u r referring urself?

hearbreaker_38117: in case you didnŐt notice moron, I covered my pass

montee_sylke: ki siento no entiendo ni papa

heartbreaker_38117: the sorry ass @@@@@ didnŐt cover hers


kyleshave has claimed the remaining points.

passing the card to the opposite side


montse_sylke: per es el unico sitio donde upedo jugar a este juego

heartbreaker_38117: hope you are murdered tonight @@@@@

jctami: wow

kyleshave: seriously?

heartbreaker_38117: just honest

heartbreaker_38117: hope her family is murdererd with her

heartbreaker_38117: sorry piece of @@@@ like her donŐt deserve to live


petite break


heartbreaker_38117: yes, he is going to moon

heartbreaker_38117: if montse donŐt have to cover, I donŐt either


***heartbreaker_38117 has requested an undo


kyleshave adds 26 points to everyone score


heartbreaker_38117: hahahaha


jctami has booted heartbreaker_38117 from the table


jctami: do you know her?

montse_sylke: no entiendo lo siento


(Are you trying to push my button?)

kyleshave and I have discussed the issue



Another scenario                                                    Sunday, August 21, 2005


runrun262002 is the host

jctami has joined the table


runrun262002: jc

jctami: run run

jctami: ah


runrun262002: we played yes

runrun262002: yesterday

jctami: yeah

jctami: I just wanna ask you something

runrun262002: what is your definition of doing a ŇcoverÓ?

runrun262002: depends


uncle_ohno has joined the table


jctami: if I passed the cards to you, I have to cover it

jctami: right?

jctami: exactly

runrun262002: if the other player covers, then you donŐt have to

jctami: thatŐs what I think too

jctami: we are on the same page

runrun262002: the idea is to try and win

runrun262002: in college we used to play for hours

runrun262002: we played 100 or even 200


howbarl has joined the table

anlcandy has joined the table


jctami: wow, thatŐs too much

runrun262002: but now I am older, I donŐt want to burn that much time

runrun262002: on a video game


anlcandy has left the table


jctami: well

runrun262002: nn


runrun262002: so I play to win not to prolong the game

jctami: yeah agree


After all it is just a game. 


After thoughts:  I did not intend to offend anybody, if you think that way, I feel sorry for you.