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Airbus was established in 1970 as a European consortium of French, German and later, Spanish and U.K companies, as it became clear that only by co-operating would European aircraft manufacturers be able to compete effectively with the U.S. giants. By overcoming national divides, sharing development costs, collaborating in the interests of a greater market share, and even agreeing a common set of measurements and a common language, Airbus changed the face of the business, and brought airlines, passengers and crews the benefits of real competition.  Airbus planes are usually a smooth, rounded shape.



Boeing was established in 1917 and have made many planes including the very famous 747 Jumbo Jet and the DC-10. Boeing has an excellent safety record and has lots of airlines wanting to buy planes from them.  Boeing now has competition from Airbus as Airbus are creating a super jumbo called the A380 - a double storey plane with 49% more floor space and 35% more seats than the 747-400.




Concorde was an amazing aircraft.  She was 204ft in length and expanded between 6 and 10 inches in flight and because of this she was painted in a specially developed white paint to accommodate these changes and to not overheat while in supersonic flights.

Concorde's four engines were specially designed Rolls-Royce/ Snecma Olympus 593s - give more than 38,000lbs of thrust each, with 'reheat'. This adds fuel to the final stage of the engine to produce the extra power required for take-off and the transition to supersonic flight. They are the most powerful pure jet engines flying commercially. 

Concorde took off at 220 knots (compared with 165 knots for most subsonic aircraft) and had a cruising speed of 1350mph - more than twice the speed of sound - and at an altitude of 60,000ft (this is over 11 miles high!!!)  On the 7th February 1996, Concorde made her fastest trip from London to New York.

The flight time took 2 hours, 52 minutes and 59 seconds.  This was a new world record!!  I would have loved to have flown on Concorde as she was an amazing aircraft! If you flew Concorde, and you took autopilot off while cruising at 60,000 you could actually fly Concorde with two fingers!

Dehavilland Dash 8


The Dehavilland Dash 8-300 is a 50 seater prop plane which has a maximum cruising speed of 532 km/h.  It is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney PW 123 B Turboprop Engines.  Its maximum flying altitude is 25000 to 27000 ft.




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