<bGSOUND SRC="http://www.geocities.com/daltonsquires/crying.mid" LOOP=INFINITE> These graphics and barbarian tales are lifelike. DARK FICTION BOOKS or STRANGE COMES THE EMISSARY has many graphics, wizards, barbarians, dragons and many more. Be patient while they load. If you like dark fiction books and scary tales, trust me, you have found it...This is a very dark fiction book's site. STRANGE COMES THE EMISSARY. You have been warned, enter HERE You must find the wizard... Or, HERE to our book store.--------______--------______------- here is a short excerpt............. On the stone tablets, there were the names of many angels, here are just a few that stood at the top of the list: Michael, Gabriel, Pravuil, Adoil, Muzaloft and Santanail as well as the one Santanail created, a slug of a life, a demon of the dark, a blemished being. A thing he turned into his right handed follower. Satanail called him Sotona, brother to Heliac, blood to the One to come, Jesus. So Father, Heliac was the first.Then the stones went on to read of two angels, which lead another mortal man to this very spot, yes Father, to this identical spot that I now stand in. Samuil and Raguil they brought this other man here. He's the one, which did these writings. The two that brought him here, 'they were giants, armed with blue steel. The weapons cast fire and embers from their tips.'This lost soul wrote these words on the stones.The jungle city where we found the tablets was filled with huge craters like dead volcanos. The walls of the deep craters were filled with great caverns. The caves seemed to have no end. It looked like meteors had hit this dark place. This small area like a dead moon. 'I wondered if this could have been what ended all life in this once gleaming green jungle?' As our camp began to come alive that night with many fires, I could smell the anticipation in everyone's sweat. It was also in their glazed and tired eyes. At the same time our camp came alive, the ancient city's buildings were lighting up as well, as if this place was populated but there was no one in this lost city. Only myself and the warriors. The ancient city appeared to have an eternal generating system, far beyond anything we understood. I think, perpetual motion. The power that had ignited this entire archaic city appeared as if it were created in hell and ran by the devil himself. There was a whining noise, which seemed to crank the wheels of this forgotten place. It burned our ears. The noise hummed and the ground trembled, all of it running and working, with not a soul in sight. It put us all, ill at ease, all the men began honing and leather strapping a razors edge onto their steel. All eyes streching and searing along the jungles perimeter. As dark fell even blacker, other noises began to emerge, deeper and darker, hellish noises. Chains and iron tools beating and rattling, a slow awful rhythm.The jungle, it too, seemed as if it were grearing up to greet us. The noises grew louder, closer, moving toward us with horrific and alarming speed. Crashing and tearing through the trees, like raging beasts. Then it emerged. It came into our field of vision. We saw it! It was the... ...These books are not like Gor or Conan stories. However, they are ancient and gothic in nature. My sites, as well. Dark Fiction and horror tales, with Magic wizards. There are vil demons with an allure in... ?Strange Comes the Emissary.? so, you might say these Fantasy Novels are akin to Conan the destroyer or gor books. In the ways of Barbarians. So, again go back up and enter one of our main sites, thank you, L. D. S. ENTER HERE See Parian stripped naked...Yellow pages HERE submit your site HERE Good health info HERE LINK TO THIS PAGE.
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