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My Statistics

-The Basics-

Mun Name: Jessica M. B.

Preferred names: Autumn or Kitten

Birthdate: 9/3/87

Hair color: Naturally golden blonde, but I got some highlights mixed into it [kind of a deep goldenred and a really light blonde]

Eye color: Startlingly blue/green. Actually, they fade from blue to green and back again but the color is lively

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145 lbs

-The Facts-

I live in centrel Jersey with my mom. It's boring here, since there is absolutely nothing to do whatsoever [for all you grammer junkies, yes that is all one word]. I like to read, write, draw, be around animals, horseback ride, read, horseback ride, and did I mention read? I also like to hang out with my friends, though that rarely ever happens since I'm a total loser and don't have many friends [yep, a loser, but I'm not afraid to admit it! actually I do have alot of friends, I just don't hang out with any of them outside of school]. I'm a proud Pagan [witch] and study several forms of witchcraft. I'm not in a coven, because as I said, Jersey sucks and although I know a million people who say they're pagan in my school, I don't believe even half of them know what it is or practice it [gotta hate those people who go around saying they practice witchcraft so their considered "bad asses" or "cool" or whatever]. I spend most of my time at school writing my books, and my time outside of school doing whatever comes my way [which normally means sitting on my ass every day rping online or typing up pages of my book, when I'm not out wandering the woods or horseback riding that is]. I play sports, though not so much anymore since theirs really nothing I'm particularly good at except horseback riding and archery. My boyfriend ish Sean ^_^ Whom I completely adore. I'm in the process of writing three books, and have more lined up afterwards. I'm currently beginning my search on possible publishers, though I think I need a literary agent or whatever the hell those things are [hey I just write the books, my mom will take care of all the details for me ^_~ gotta love being an only child]. My future is unclear, but I know eventually I'll end up somewhere far out in the country on my own ranch with the love of my life at my side [sappy, but what can I say? I want a guy for myself just like any other girl, I just don't advertise it to the whole world and declare I love someone new every week like most girls I know around here, lol]. I'm in a group at school called TACTA, Teens Against Cruelty To Animals. In case you hadn't noticed, I'm big on animals. Nature. Animals. And so forth. [but I'm not a nature freak that lives outside and eats bugs for a living, lol]. I'm also in the Anime club too, and I play field hockey. So yup, that's my life.

-The Useless Information-


Color: Blue, but technically speaking...if 'Autumn' were a color, I would choose it. You know, the colors of Autumn...I suppose that's color scheme then huh? Yes, I'm obsessed with Autumn, it's my favorite time of year, I dyed my hair with that scheme in mind, and my pagan name is Autumn StarFire

Book: Lightning by Dean Koontz [trust in the fact that my favorite book changes almost every month, lol]

Manga: Tough one, so I'm gonna say my favorite manga is all the manga I read! [Demon Diary, Gravitation, Di Gi Charat, Tokyo Mew Mew, Chobits, Fushigi Yugi, Snow Drop, Shoalin Sisters, etc...*note that they are not in order from favorite to least]

Anime: Another toughie, but I suppose as of right now it is currently Saiyuki [again, this changes frequently]

Movie: I don't go out to the movies much, and I haven't bought a movie in ages, so I suppose i'll just say it's n/a for now.

CD: N/a

Band: Nickelback and Dave Mathews Band [opposites, I know, but I love 'em both!]

TV Show: Currently, Witch Hunter Robin [anime, I know, but it's on Cartoon Network so it's a tv show as far as I'm concerned!]

Animal: I divide this into three catagories: Air - Hawk; Land - Tied between Horse and Wolf; Water - Dolphin

State: Montana [ever since I watched The Horse Whisperer I've loved Montana ^_^]

Drug: ha! I don't DO drugs!

Drink: V8 Splash Smoothies [haha, bet you thought alcoholic drink!]

Guy friend: Dan, my personal psychiatric therapist [*teasing, of course*]

Girl friend: That's a laugh, I don't have a favorite girl friend, lol, since I have hardly any at all

RP Character: My lil Lil ^_^ [Lilianith]

Culture: Ancient Japan or Scotland/Ireland

Food: Linguini with sausage

Place for a date: I wouldn't know, only place I've ever been to on a date is the movies

Do you/Have you...

Smoke: Neva!

Drink alcohol of any form: Neva!

Had sex: Nope [by choice, by the way]

Have any pets: O'course ^_^ My lil bunny Sweetie

Any siblings: Nope

Have a big family: Not until you reach the "Great" section [great grandmother, great aunt, great uncle, great cousin...etc]

Supersticious: I don't think I'm going to wind up in the hospital every time a black cat passes in front of me, but yeah, I'm supersticious to an extent

Believe in love at first sight: Nope, but I believe in hate at first sight

Believe We Are not Alone: Yes, and don't mock me. It's all you arrogant jack asses in the world that make our world so narrow minded, and we call ourselves the higher species! We cannot possibly be the only living creatures in the entire universe, it's just not possible. There are a million stars out there and each one is like our star, the sun. Now it's only plausible that if there are more suns out there, there is likely another planet out there positioned in just the right way from the sun to have living organisms on it like ourselves. Granted, we'll probably never meet those other beings, but who's to say?


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