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:: Chapter One - Cast Away ::

At three months old, Lilianith Marlanah appeared to be almost five. She spoke like a fiver year old, looked like a five year old, and acted like a five year old. To anyone else, she was five years old. But she was not. She was only three months old. The reason for her appearance? She was a cursed demon child.

Her mother, Juanita Marlanah, was the nicest person in the world in the eyes of the child Lilianith. Lilianith loved her mother, there was no doubt about that, even though her mother had cheated on her father and had her as a result. Dante Payne, her non-blood father, was the perfect Daddy. He spoiled her constantly, and there wasn't a time where he would willingly leave her by herself. But all that was changing now, and Lilianith knew it.

She was scared, because her Daddy and her Mommy were fighting. Again. But this time it was worse, and the little girl shivered and whimpered at the feel of the demonic aura's charging in the room next to hers. Juanita was yelling at Daddy.

"Zeph deserves to have his child named after him, not YOU!" Juanita shouted from the room next to Lilianiths. Lilianith did not here what Dante said, but she did hear her mothers next shout. "Fine, then leave! I will not miss you!"

A door slammed. The little girl jumped to her feet and ran out of her room, about to chase after her Daddy, but Juanita stopped her, grabbing her by the arm harshly. Lilianith winced and looked up at her Mommy.

"Do not go after him, child!" Her mother shouted.

Lilianith was stung. She had suspected Dante was not really her Daddy, because he had told her a few weeks ago that vampires could not have children, and he was a vampire. To hear her suspicions confirmed stung, but it was the bite, the cold tone in her mothers' voice, that really did the stinging. How could she let Daddy go so easily? "Mommy, bring Daddy back!"

"He is not your father! Your father is Zeph Verlanca, the most powerful demon I have ever met." Pride was in her voice, but not towards her daughter. Towards the man, Zeph, whom she thought of as a great conquest.

An icy coldness took over the little girl. Her eyes widened as she looked at her mother in a new light. Her mother was no longer beautiful to her. Lilianith could see the black inside her. The emptyness, the icy cold that had overcome her heart.

For the first time, Lilianith felt as confused as a three month year old baby would at the world. Emotions she didn't yet know of overwhelmed her, and a stabbing pain struck her head. She whimpered, then cried out and grabbed her head. It hurt, it hurt so much!

Her mother staggered away from her, eyes wide in shock, mouth agape. "No..." She whispered on a strangeled breath. Lilianith heard her, and her head shot up to look at her mother. But it was not the gentle, loving blue eyes that stared at her mother. They were red, dark, deep red that were almost black. Her father's eyes. But the aura around her was not her father's. Juanita could recognize that. She could see aura's in color. She knew her own aura was purple, and Zeph's was black, but Lilianith's was red. The same red as her eyes. And it was strong, strong enough to make breathing hard for Juanita, when she was now ten feet away.

Lilianith wasn't away of the change her body had taken. She was angry, hurt. She wanted to know. "Why? Why did you send Daddy away?!"

"I didn't!" Juanita shouted, thinking frantically. "He wanted to leave! He hates you, despises you for the vileness you represent. He does not want a child that is not his! YOU caused him to leave, not I." She glared down at Lilianith, who at those words had stumbled back as though physically hit.

Lilianith looked up at her mother, about to cry. "Is it true?"

Juanita knew she had the upper hand now, and she smiled coldly, nodding. "Yes, it is true. He did not ant you, and so he left you. He left me because of you." An idea occured to her and her smile softened as she stepped closer. The aura had faded from Lilianith and she looked like a normal, scared little girl. "He may come back...but you have to do something first..."

Not to be too hopeful, Lilianith whispered, "What?"

"You must let me bind your powers. He see's them and knows they are Zeph's, and so if you do not have anything to remind him of Zeph he will not remember you are not his."



Lilianith chewed on her lower lip. She liked her powers. Sometimes she could levitate and float around. That was fun. So was learning new powers when she met other people with powers. The powers she saw just stuck to Lilianith, and they were fun. Well, perhaps not always. Sometimes the enhanced sense of smell bothered her. But could she give up those powers for Daddy? Yes. "O-okay.."

Juanita smiled, a chilling smile. "Come. We will begin." Juanita picked up the girl and brought her outside. It was a full moon. That was ironic, Juanita thought. Juanita was blessed by the goddess of the moon, that is where she had gotten her powers from. But Juanita knew she had betrayed the goddess by taking something evil as her lover. To bind her daughters powers under the watchful gaze of the moon would send the message to Selene that Juanita was no longer hers to control.

She put Lilianith on her ritual table that she kept outside and commanded her to lie down. Lilianith was scared, but she did. Looking up at the sky, fearful, she saw the moon. Instant soothing energy overcame her and she smiled. She was doing the right thing, she was sure of it. Anything was right to get Daddy back. She looked at her Mommy, who had picked up the athame she'd seen her use many times for various uses. "What's that for?"

Juanita looked at her child. Ha, her child. "We must bleed the powers out of you. Just a tiny prick, and then a little bleeding. I will take the blood and use it to bind your powers away."

Well, Lilianith did not know what that meant. But surely her mother would not hurt her? She nodded and looked up at the moon again for reassurance, but a cloud had passed over it. A lump caught in her throat, and a sense of foreboding past over her just as the knife pressed, painfully, on her chest, then flicked. She cried out at the pain as it made a little knick on her chest, right through her nightgown. She looked frantically for the moon, for it's reassurances...but it wasn't there. She looked at her mother, who stared coldly at her daughter as she forced Lilianith to sit up and held a small vial to the bleeding wound. Blood spilled into the vial, filling it, and Juanita pulled the vial away. She turned away from Lilianith to put something inside the vile...a powder of some sort...before her world turned black...

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