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Ancient Runes Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Third Years

Muggle Suspicions

For the past thousands of years, muggles have been discovering artifacts of the Ancient Runes. Those who have discovered the language either on a stone tablet or on cave walls aren’t certain what language it could have come from. Many believe this language was created by the early civilizations of Natives. Most likely Europeans because it closely relates to some of today’s German alphabet. It has appeared on a television show called “Unsolved Mysterious” numerous times. Only one person, a wizard, said he knew everything but wouldn’t say. All he would say was a bunch of gibberish. Anyone who watched that show suddenly forgot something. Muggles are growing very suspicious of these Runes. Wizards are trying with all their might to discover more Ancient Runes before the muggles can discover the “Chart”, and ruin their secret.


1. On what objects, have muggles discovered this language?

2. Why do the muggles think the language is European?

3. What TV show did it appear on?

4. If you have ever seen this TV show before, name one thing you remember that was really exciting.

5. What type of spell do you think the wizard cast upon anyone who watched that episode?

6. Where do YOU think the chart is hidden?

Don't forget, the first student to send me the correct answer to the Trivia question will receive an extra 10pts. for their house.
Assignments will be due on:

Please send your assignments to Professor Parson at the link below. Please click on Flying Harry