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Final Exams

Final Exam Third Years

1. Enumerate the type of rune spells.

2. What is the purpose of writing a rune script?

3. Why is paper not an agreeable material in making runes spells?

4. What exercises can you do daily in learning to read runes?

5. What is crucial to rune reading?

6. Which runes could have dangerous consequences?

7. What are the different purposes of runes?

8. Arrange the steps chronologically in rune consecration..





9. Why should you not let anyone handle your consecrated runes?

10. On what objects have muggles discovered this language?

11. What TV show did the subject of Runes appear on?

12. Where do you think the chart is hidden?

13. Why do muggles think the language is European?

14. Write this sentence in Runes language(please refer back to your Alphabet Chart):

"Chestnuts roasting on an open fire"

15. Convert this sentence using the Alphabetical Chart:

"ti uti£µ nooulb or mƒilrrno lLµrti£ĉmor£"

All questions were covered in lessons 1-5. Please do your best and good luck!

Assignments will be due on: Dec. 12th

Please send your assignments to Professor Parson at the link below. Please click on Flying Harry