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Final Exams

Final Exam First Years

1. What are Runes?

2. What are the differences between the modern-day alphabet and the ancient runes?

3. What does the German word Raunen mean?

4. Both the Italic and Latin scripts are derived from what alphabet?

5. The norther tribes transformed their pictographs into what?

6. What two letters had only two runes used for them?

7. What two countries used pieces of wood to carve their runes on?

8. What do the inscriptions describe?

9. What are the runes associated with (pertaining to its origin)?

10. Where is the name Futhark derived from?

11. What is the other name for the Elder Futhark and what are the places which practiced it?

12. What type of Futhark reduced the number or runes and how many did they compensate for the lost runes?

13. Where could runes be found, well into the 17th century?

14. When was the darkest period of runic studies?

15. What two movements came about to make runes regain their popularity?

All questions were covered in lessons 1-5. Please answer as best you can and good luck!!

Professor Parson Ancient Runes

Assignments will be due on: Dec. 12th

Please send your assignments to Professor Parson at the link below. Please click on Flying Harry