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Ancient Runes Lesson 7

Lesson 7 Second Years

The Blank Rune

The blank rune (or 'Odin's Rune', or 'Wyrd') was invented by Ralph Blum, author of 'The Book of Runes'. Blum explains in the introduction to his book that he started out using a rune set someone gave him, not knowing the first thing about them, and sort of made things up as he went along from there. The blank rune was one of those things.

There is absolutely no evidence that a 25th 'blank' rune ever existed historically.

Many subsequent books have been published based on Blum's, and so the fiction of the blank rune has been perpetuated. A lot of people use it and get successful readings with it. There's nothing wrong with that - go right ahead, as long as you understand that it is purely a modern invention. Personally, I see the meaning of the blank rune as somewhat redundant (its supposed meaning is already covered by ansuz and perth), and I find that it destroys the symmetry of the 24 runes. But that's just me.


1. Who developed the blank rune?

2. What is the name of the blank rune?

3. What perpetuated the blank rune?

4. What other rune has the blank runes meaning already been covered by?

5. What do you think about the runes significance?

Don't forget, the first student to send me the correct answer to the Trivia question will receive an extra 10pts. for their house.
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