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Ancient Runes Lesson 4

Lesson 4 Third Years

The Consecration

Contrary to popular belief the Runes are not just for Fortune Telling, but can aid us is achieving wholeness. They act as messengers to the gods, goddesses or ancestors to help us with tasks to make our world a better place. In essence the Runes are guides which enrich your environment and your chosen path in life.

It is possible to buy Runes from any New Age shop, though to embody the full power of the Runes you should make them yourself. Your Runes can be made out of Stone; flat pebbles are excellent - they should be of a uniform size and shape, Wood; Birch or Yew are the traditional varieties - you can use twigs, Chipping's or a cut from a branch, or Ceramic (which most commercially available stones are made of) also makes a good base. Try to use paints which use natural pigments when drawing the symbols on the stones. You will need to make 25 Runes in all, 24 with symbols and 1 which is blank.

Once you have made your own runes (or bought a set) you have to attune them to yourself. After this point only you should ever handle the runes. The attunement is also known as a Consecration, the full ceremony is detailed below.

The Consecration

This ancient ritual activate the power within the Runes and attunes them to yourself. This takes place in 4 stages as follows;

Stage 1- Smudging- The Runes are exposed to smoke of smouldering herbs or incense (Sandalwood incense is the best). This stage exposes the Runes to the Air, symbolic of the Mind.

Stage 2- Salting- The Runes should be sprinkled in salt, which is symbolic of the Earth and Nature. Sea Salt is best in this case.

Stage 3- Dousing- The Runes are immerse in spring water. Don't use tap water, as this is full of chemicals. If you don't have a natural stream near you, use bottled mineral water.

Stage 4- Firing- The Runes should be burned. An unscented candle is useful for this Consecration. Having Consecrated your Runes, you should find a linen or leather bag to keep them safe in. From now on never let anyone else touch the Runes.


1.What are the different purposes of runes?

2.Arrange the steps chronologically:





3. Define each step.

4.Why should you not let anyone handle your consecrated runes?

Don't forget, the first student to send me the correct answer to the Trivia question will receive an extra 10pts. for their house.
Assignments will be due on: November 27th

Please send your assignments to Professor Parson at the link below. Please click on Flying Harry