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Ancient Runes


L-1 1st Yrs

L-1 2nd Yrs

L-1 3rd Yrs

L-2 1st Yrs

L-2 2nd Yrs

L-2 3rd Yrs

L-3 1st Yrs

L-3 2nd Yrs

L-3 3rd Yrs

L-4 1st Yrs

L-4 2nd Yrs

L-4 3rd Yrs

L-5 1st Yrs

L-5 2nd Yrs

L-5 3rd Yrs

L-6 2nd Yrs

L-7 2nd Yrs

Final 1st Yrs

Final 2nd Yrs

Final 3rd Yrs

~Welcome One, Welcome All~

To Ancient Runes at the Great Hall. We will be learning the art of Ancient Runes. We will be learning about the ancient alphabetical script which was used by wizards long, long ago. We will be learning about the historical places where Runes were created.

I will be posting all lessons here at this site. You can access them by clicking the appropriate link for the appropriate lesson. You can access the class site for your grades by clicking on the "Yahoo Group Site" below.

Please send all completed lessons, comments or questions to me directly. Just click on the Flying Harry picture below and he will fly it to me asap!

I will be posting a Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Trivia question with each lesson. You can find the question on your current lesson page every time a new lesson is sent out. The first student from each grade level to send in the correct answer along with their assignment, will earn an extra 10 house points! Well that's it. I hope you have a wonderful time in this class.

Professor Parson
Ancient Runes Teacher

Yahoo Group Site