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Alex's Page

Hi, I'm Alex and this is my Magique page. Have fun!!!
  • Specialty Trick: Invisible Deck
  • Favorite Trick from the Magic Show: Metamorphosis. In this trick, someone is handcuffed, tied in a bag, and locked into a box. Then, someone else comes out and stands on the box and a blue cloth is held up in front of that person and the box. Whoever is holding the cloth moves it up and down while the person standing on the box counts to one and two. On three, the person who was on the box is gone and the person who was handcuffed inside the bag and box is standing on the box. Then, the box is unlocked and the bag is opened, and the person who was originally standing on the box is now handcuffed inside the bag and box.
  • Pets: I have a four-year-old Australian Shepherd named Wizard, who Colleen claims is her boyfriend.... He is a good boy and he likes to eat (he loves cheese) and go for walks, or chase balls around the front yard.
  • Favorite Food: Chocolate chip cookies. Who doesn't like cookies?
  • Hobbies: Skiing, tennis, magic tricks, reading, going online, kayaking and more stuff....
    Okay, we hope you like our magic tricks. If you want us to do magic for you at any event, just e-mail us at .

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