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Hello,                                                       Email me at :-

Welcome to My Website !

I have attempted to construct my website in a way that will, hopefully, be easy and interesting to explore. As you travel through this site you are, in essence, traveling with me through each and every step of my research.

This site contains jokes, important news, articles, games and much more to explore

You may start or end your journey at any point in this site
You are invited to participate. In particular, if you would like to submit a guest article for the “Articles” section, please send it to me

Feel free to make us aware of newsworthy items that you think we should post or link to, suggest interesting sites for the “Sites of Interest” section,

This website is a continuing work in progress. It will be modified and updated frequently, so be sure to check back often. We hope you enjoy it! 

I am hopeful that viewing this site will be as enjoyable for you as the creation of it was for me! feedback thorough guest book is always welcomed

Heartiest thanks to Varun who helped a lot !  

Please note that between studying, writing, teaching, travel, family obligations, and other duties, I have a very hectic and full schedule, so if you write to me it may take some time for me to respond.

Hii buddy .. Thanks for coming on this site. This site has three section uptill now...Jokes.........Articles.......SMS.....We are planning to build games section n cheats n codes section in near future !! Thanku !! Nightfall team !!