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                        SEMIAHMOO COMMUNITY COLLEGE

Date: December 10, 2003

Time: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Tickets: $6 advance, $8 at the door


What is the Global Fringe Festival?
SCC presents its first ever anual Global Fringe Festival.  This Festival features many talented SCC artists, performers,  caricaturists, etc. This year's theme is the Street of Dreams. Participants will literally walk through different dream enviornments from nightmares, to fantasies, staged primarily in the commons's area. Many musical groups that will be playing in various areas. Henna and body art will be offered as well as readings by voluteers, such as tarot card readings, pedulum readings and possibly a "dream reader." There will be much food in the Fringe cafe from samosas to pastries, as well as many drinks. There will be many other fun events to attend, and all the procedes go to a local charity! So, go to the fringe festival, there is much to do, and never a dull moment. See you there!

What is the theme of this years Global Fringe?
This year's theme will be Street of Dreams.



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