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Wills And Probate Records

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The following will was taken from THE EARLY RECORDS OF THE TOWN OF PORTSMOUTH pp 386-388.

The Last will & Testament of Adam Mott Senyor of ye towne of portsmoth is as followeth

In ye yere of ye lord 1661 on the 2 month on ye 2 day of the month I Adam Mott of portsmoth of Rhoad Iland beinge in pearfit & good memory haue made & writen this as my last will with my owne hand Imprimes I haue Chosen Constetuted & made my faithfull freinds Edward Thurston and Richard Tew both of Newport on Rhoad Iland to haue full power togeather after my decease to see my will performed and fulfiled in Every part of it as I were my selffe aliue in perfit beinge
ffirst I will & giue to Sarah mott my wife beinge all my howsage & land at matapurcetti lyinge in ye bounds of portsmoth. less or more with all the apirtenances there vnto we are knowne to be mine vpon ye grownd or abroud vpon ye Common, all goods or Chattells whot so Euer houssage and all moueables whot so Euer, to vse possese & inioy for hir terme of life as shee shall Neede, say out or ye stock and at ye End of hir life after hir decease, I will that the afore said Executors Edward Thurston & Richard tew shall see ye land Named and howse & houssage Equaly deuided in to three shares, to Jacob mott my owne sonne if he be Contented to Cast in whot I gave him at the vpar Cornar of my farme & share it into three parts, if not he may take that out as his part and no more, vnto Adam mott my sonne I gaue his share all redey & part longe since which he hath liued on whos sum wos twelue Acres
further I will ye if any of ye Brothars shall dye before my wife of ye three Jacob mott Gearsham mott & Eleasser mott as to saye that then the three parts by ye Executors be deuided vnto ye othere two as Equaly as thay Can, allso I will that these three or two of them that injoye the land after there mothars decease shall pay vnto John mott my Sonne twenty shillings if he demaund it in such pay as in ye place passeth for pay here amonge vs
ffurther I will them to pay to Adam mott there Brother an Ewe lamb wtin twelue months after there mothers decease, allso I will to Elisabeth thurston ye wife of Edward Thurston to be paid to hir or by whom shee shal assigne it vnto one Ewe lamb a yere after there mothers departure
ffurther whot she doth not vse of howshould goods or stock on ye grownd for hir owne suplyes in time of hir life, I doe desier my beloued frinds intrusted & Named Edward & Richard to perswade my wife at hir death in ye disposinge of mouables with in howse or abraod to giue it to them accordinge to discrecion whom beest deseaues it in there Care & Respect to hir while she liues, vpon which my dessier is you will hauve your Eyes as my ffrinds, and harts Redey
Lastly I leaue my body to be Commited to ye Earth accordinge as thay and my wife sees good Leuinge beuriall it to be paid by whot she hath in hir hands, and after hir death I will yt the said Edward Thurston and Richard Tew Receue Each of them an Ewe sheep of ye stock deliured them wtin a month after there mothars departure in ye presents
Writen & sealled and signed of Adam Mott before ye Executars deliured to Edward Thurston to be kepe in ye behaulfe of both of them, Sealed the yere 1661) 1 of may

Portsmoth August ye 31th 1661

ffor as much as Sarah Mott widow to the late deceased Adam mott of ye towne of porsmoth hath brought hir late husbands will in to ye office of to be proued and hath Exhibeted the same to the towne Counsill thay findinge the said will som thinge dewbeious in not declaringe the said Sarah his wife to be his Excektrix yet the scope of the same makinge hir one in powar there fore we the Counsill of the towne of portsmoth doe vnanimusly apoint the said Sarah mott & widow to the late deseaced Aam mott to be soll Execetrix during the terme of hir life accordinge to whot we vndarstand the meaninge of ye will to be, beinge the magior part of the Counsill
Richard Bulgar Towne Clarke


The following wills taken from GENEALOGICAL GLEANINGS IN ENGLAND VOL. I, pp 519-520; by Henry F. Waters.

MATHEW WYNGE of Banbury, Oxon, taylor, 9 August 1614, proved 15 November 1614. To be buried in the church yard there. To the poor of Banbury ten shillings. To eldest son Fulk the lease of the house in which I now dwell and twenty pounds in money. To second son Thomas thirteen pounds. To third son John forty shillings. To son in law Robert Chamberlain ten pounds. To daughter Johanne twenty shillings. To the children of eldest son Fulk, vizt Anne, Dorcas, Mary, Matthew To John the son of my second son Thomas. To Debra Wyge the daughter of my third son John, and to John, his son. To John Nicholls son of John Nicholls my son in law. To William Wynge the son of my fourth son James. To Thomas Chaumberlayne son of Robert Chaumberlayne my son in law. To the children of Richard Gullius, John, Thomas and Phebe. Sons Fulk and Thomas to be executors. Lawe, III.


JOHN WINGE late of the Hague in Holland, clerk, now living in St. Mary Aldermary, London, 2 November 129, proved 4 August 1630. Certain lands (freehold) in Cuckston and Stroud, Kent, Shall be sold as soon as conveniently may be and the money thereof arising shall be, with all my other goods &c. divided into two equal parts. the one to be had, reveived and enjoyed unto and by my loving wife Debora and the other part or moiety to be equally and indifferently had, parted, divided and enjoyed unto and amongst all my childen, share and share alike, except unto and by my daughter Deborah whom I have already advanced in marriage. Wife Deborah to be executrix and Edward Foord of London, merchant, and Andrew Blake of Stroud in kent, yeoman, overseers.
Scroope, 73.


The following will is from HAWKINS COUNTY (TN) WILL BOOK, VOL I, 1787-1856; page 354:


dated Mar. 20, 1834 May term, 1834

I, Henry McCollough Senior of the County of Hawkins and state of Tennessee being of sound mind and memory, doth make this my last will and testament in the following manner:
First I give and bequeath to my son Alexander McCollough the plantation where I now live together with all my horses and hogs and farming utensils of every description whatsoever, and my still and vessels belonging thereto, one bed and furniture called his and one called mine with its furniture.
2. I give to my daughter Nancy McCollough all my household furniture of every description together with all my chattel, only my pot metal, and that to be divided equally between Alexander and Nancy. Alexander is to pay my son Henry McCollough a horse beast to be worth sixty dollars when said Henry is twenty one years of age. The horse to valued equal to good trade. Alexander and Nancy to pay all my just debts equally between them out of their respective shares. I have lately given to my son william a mare and I was to have the colt that I allow to Nancy.
Lastly. I do constitute and appoint my brother Joseph McCollough my executor and to enter on the administration withhand and seal this 20th day of March 1834.
Signed sealed in
the presence of

Jonathan Huffmaster    Henry McCullough

Peter Beal

Jonathan Marlow



May 31, 1671 - Will made by Town Council, on testimony concerning the wishes of deceased. Ex. son Mathew. To widow Joan, the old house and fire room, with Canto and buttery adjoining, and little chamber in new house, and porch chamber joining to it, half the use of great hall, porch room below, cellaring and garret of new house, for life. To her also fire-wood yearly, use of thirty fruit trees in orchard that she may choose. liberty to keep fowls about the house not exceeding forty, and all household goods at her disposal. She was to have thirty ewe sheep kept for her, with their profit and increase, fifty other sheep kept to halve, three cows kept and their profit, and to have paid her yearly a good, well fed beeve, three well fed swine, ten bushels of wheat, twenty bushels of Indian corn, six bushels of barley malt and four barrels of cider. To son Thomas, all estate in Providence, lands, goods and chattels (except horsekind), he paying his mother Joan early, a barrel of pork and firkin of butter. To son Fancis, land in New Jersey. To son John, all land about new dwelliing house of said John Borden, &c. To son Joseph L40 within two years of death of his mother. To son Samuel, L40, half in six months after death of father, and half in six months after death of mother. To daughter Amey Borden, L100, at age of twenty-one. To grand-daughter Amey Cooke, L10 at eighteen. To son Mathew, whole estate after payment of debts and legacies, and if he die without issue, said estate not to remain to any brother older.

Inventory, L1572, 8a. 9d. viz: 200 sheep, 100 lambs, 4 oxen, 9 cows, 4 mares on the island, L20, horse L7, 10s., 6 coltt, horseflesh at New London L8, 30 swine, 11 pigs, negro man and woman L50, 3 negro children L25, turkeys, geese, fowls, Indian corn, rye wheat, oats, barley, pease, 2 cheese prezzes, 6 guns, pewter, 2 swords, feather bed, 2 flock beds, hat case, silver bowl L3, cider L2, money L3, peage L8, goods L16, table form, settle, chairs, warming pan, books 10 s., &c.
He was buried in the burying place that Robert Dennis gave Friends in Portsmouth.

1692--Aug. 1. Richard Borden, of Providence, eldest son of Thomas Borden of Providence, decease, ceclared that whereas, my honored grand-father, Richard Borden, of Portsmouth, being willing to set his house in order and settle his estaes on his children, &c., did make and declare his last will in presence of Daniel Gould, Joseph Nicholson, William Woodell, John Earle, &c., who was called in for that end, and did then order and dispose of his estate to his children, which was approved by the Town Council of Portsmouth, as appeareth under thier hands, bearing date 1671, May 31, and I being satisfied by testimony of said four persons, and also of my honored grand-mother, wife of said Richard, &c., that it was his real will, &c,. and am satisfied, and for L5, paid by my uncles, viz: Mathew and John Borden, of Portsmouth, and Francis Borden of Shrewsbury, forever quit claim to uncles Mathew and John all my interest to lands, &c,. in Portsmouth or elsewhere, and to my uncle Francis, all rights in lands in Shrewsbury and elsewhere.


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