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On this page you will find all kinds of records and indexes that I have for the state of Tennessee.

The following are land grants of North Carolina in the State of Tennessee as given in NORTH CAROINA LAND GRANTS IN TENNESSEE, 1958, by Gardiner-Cart wright, 4533 Park Avenue, Memphis. I. C. Harper, publishers, Memphis, Tennessee:

p. 37, McCULLOCH, Joseph grant #1742, 500 acres, in 1787 in Greene County, on the south side of the Holstein River.

p. 42, McCULOM, Joseph, #1977, 148 acres, 1787, in Greene County, on the south side of the Holstein.

p. 58, McCULLOCH, Joseph, #2801, 492 acres, in 1790, Eastern district on the North side of the Clinch River.

p. 55, McCULLOM, Joseph, #2639, 399 acres, 1750, Hawkins County, on Bull Run, south side of the Clinch River.

p. 145, McCULLOH, Joseph, pvt. assigned to Robert McCULLOH, III, 962, by heirs, two grants.


The following names are from a Greene County, Tennessee Tax List for 1805:

John McCollum
Thomas McCollum (2)
Valentine Savier
Joseph McCullough
Samuel McCullough
Thomas McCullough
William McCullough (2)

James McCulough, 1 white pole.
James McCollum, 300 acres.
John McCollm, 1 white poll, 1 black poll, 65 acres.
John McCollum, 200 acres.
Thomas McCollum, 1 WF, 127 A.


GREEN CO. TENN. MARRIAGES 1783-1868, by Rev. Silas Emmet Lucas, Jr (Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC)

p 17: 28 July 1800, Henry McCULLOUGH bondsman at the marriage of Elisha KNOX and Rachel KING (or Kinney).

p 26: 17 June 1806, Alexander McCULLOUGH, to Patsy MARTIN. Wm McCULLOUGH and David COPELAND, bondsmen.

p 26: 5 Aug 1806 Thomas McCULLOUGH, Senr, bondsman for marriage of John WILLIAM and Mary ROBERTSON.

p 26: 22 Nov 1806 William McCULLOUGH and Comfort SLAVENS, Bondsman: Joseph McC.

p 27: 9 Jan 1807 John LONG to Susahhan McCULLOUGH; Samuel McCULLOUGH,bondsman.

p 36: 16 Dec 1812 James McCULLOUGH, bondsman with Richard LOGAN and Peter MYERS at the marriage of Thomas WILLOUGHBY and Nancy CHAMBERS.

p 39: 9 Dec 1814 Moses McCULLOUGH to Polly FREED; V. SEVIOR and Luke MARTIN and James McCULLOUGH, bondsmen.

p 41: 1 July 1816 James M. McCULLOUGH to Rhoda BROWN, John FREET and Benjamin WILLOUGHBY, bondsmen: md 4 July 1816 ____ GUTHRIE, JP.

p49: 28 May 1810 Thomas CHAMBERS to Nancy McCOLLOUGH: Josiah CLAWSON, Benj. PARKER, bondsmen.

p 92: 19 Jan 1820 Samuel McCOLLOUGH, bondsman for Elliot RUTHERSFORD and Eleanor ROSS; md 19 Jan 1820 by WM JONES.

p 55: 30 Dec 1820 Thomas McCULLOUGH to Maria PINKSTON, Michael MYERS, bondsman.

p 63: 11 Feb 1824 Jamy McCULLOUGH, bondsman with John GASS (of Cob) for the marriage of Jacob DUGGER and Jane SIMPSON.

p 72: 10 Feb 1827 William McCULLOUGH, bondsman with William MARTIN for the marriage of Jone POPE and Nancy FRENCH.

p 79: 18 Mar 1829 William McCULLOUGH, witness to the marriage of Jacob MYERS and Polly LINDSAY (John WILLOUGHBY, bondsman: other name listed after the marriage was John G. STOUT. (date: 18 Mar)

p 85: 5 Oct 1830 Thomas McCULLOUGH to Rhoda KELLY; bondsman, William McCULLOUGH.

p 160: 3 Aug 1848 Henry P. McCULLOUGH to Catharine PHILLIPS md 8 Aug 1848 byJohn POGUE, L.D.M.E. church; sec: S.R. MOORE.

p 219: 29 Jan 1857 William McCULLOUGH to Sarah Adeline YARBER, bondsman: A.W. WILSON: by Thos. JACKSON, J.P.

p 35: 6 April 1812 Synthia McCAULEY to Samuel FERRENS: Henry DYCHE of Heronius, bondsman.

p 273: 17 Aug 1865 Wm enter McCAULEY, witness to the marriage of Sawney WILLIAMS and Jane DAVIS: George W. STACY JP.




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