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Marriage Records


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CORNELL (Cornal, Cornel, Cornwell), Abner or Westport and Ruth MAXFIELD of D., Nov. 30, 1817.

Abraham of D. and Presilla [int. Priscilla] SANFORD of D. [int. Tiverton], June 11, 1775. [Prissilla, both of of D., B.C.M.

Abraham adn Hannah HOWLAND, both of D., Jan. 24, 1816.

Alice and Adam CASE, both of D., Aug 1, 1784.

Alice T., Miss, and William Augustus GARLICK, both of D., int. Aug. 12, 1842.

Amos (Cornel) and Cloe CHASE, both of D., Apr. 22, 1762.[Cornell and Cloe Chace, B.C.M.]

Amos (Cornel) Jr. and Lusanna [int. Lusannah] BENNET,both of D., Apr. 11, 1793. [Susanna [dup. Lusana], B.C.M. Cornell Jr. and Susannah BENNETT,P.R.I.]

Amos and Margret MACUMBER, both of D., int. Aug. 31, 1822.

Anna of Westport and Benjamin GIDLEY 2d of D., int. June 24, 1815.

Benjamin and Seabury [int. Sabry] TRIPP, both of D., May 10, 1812.

Benjamin S. and Lydia PETTY [int. Pettey], both of D., Mar. 18, 1842.

Benjamin S., widr. [int. oitis widr.], 50, farmer, of D., b. D., s. Richard and Lillis of D., and Jemima PETTY,,wid. [int. Pettey, omits wid.], 40, basket maker, of D., d. David PETTY and Jemima, June 4, 1845, in D.

Caleb (Cornel) of D., s. William (Cornell), and Dele GIFFORD of ., d. Jonathan, Oct. 12, 1744. [Cele Gifford, Oct. 11, B.C.M.]

Catharine and Thomas PEABODY, both of D., May 28, 1837.

Catherine and Justice KERBY, both of D., Dec. 27, 1769.

Charles and Meribah MCCOWEN, both of D., int. Nov. 11, 1783.

Christopher [Cornell written above GIFFORD crosseout, int. Cornell] and Sarah KERBY, both of D., May 19, 1776. [Cornell, B.C.M.]

Cloee and Adam PETTIS, both of D., int. June 27, 1820.

Daniel of D., s. William, and Elizebeth ALLEN of D., d. James, May 10, 1744.

Daniel (Cornel) 2d and Sarah HATCH, both of D., int. Nov. 2, 1760.

Daniel A. and Rebecca C. MODLEY, both of D., Feb. 1, 1838.

David (Cornel) and Ann BROWNELL, both of D., int. Oct. 8, 1774.

Ebenezer and Peace MACCUMBER, both of D., int. Sept. 27, 1760.

Edward (Cornel) and Susanah WILKOX of D., Aug. 5, 1729. [Cornell [dup. Cornill] and Susanah Wilcox, both of D. [dup. June 5], B.C.M.]

Elihu and Abigail MOSHER, both of D., int. Dec. 25, 1784.

Elisabeth, d. Thomas and Catharine of D., and Richard GIFORD, s. Christopher and Mary of D., 9th, 2 mo., "called April," 1747, C.R.3.

Elisabeth of D., d. W[illia]m, and Zebedee MACCUMBER of D., int. Aug. 30, 1755.

Elisabeth of D., d. Iisrael, and Simeon CHASE of D., int. June 17, 1758.

Elisabeth and Alden MACUMBER, both of D., July 10, 1817.

Elisabeth [int. Elizabeth] and William R. SLOCUM, both of D., May 22, 1834.

Eliabe[th], seond w., d. Stephen (Cornel) of D., and PelegTRIPP, Jan. 29, 1712.

Eunice [int. Eunes] and Archipas MACCUMBER, [int. Archapus Macomber], both of D., Sept. 14, 1775. [Eunice and Archipas Maccumber, B.C.M.]

From "Marriages of Blount Co, Tenn 1795-1859", by Edythe Rucker Whitley


Alex McCULLOCH and Margaret McNUTT: Sep 22, 1795; William Ewing, bondsman.

William EWING and Elizabeth McNUTT, Isuued. Alex McCULLOCH, bondsman 9 Nov 1796

Alexander GLASS and Ann McCULLOCH (Issued, no returns) 26 Aug 1812.

Wm GLASS and Agnus McCULLOCH: 2 April 1811, Issued James FRUE, Leroy RANKIN, bondsmen.

William CARSON to Rosannah McCULLY: 5 Sep 1816.

William McCULLOCK and Priscilla CUNNINGHAM: 24 Nov 1817

Samuel MCULLOCH and Margaret PORTER: 22 Oct 1800, Issued.

Samuel McCULLOCH and Eleanor EWING: 20 July 1824

Alexander EWING and Margaret L. McCULLOCH: 14 Sep 1824

Samuel EWING and Mary McCULLOCH: 4 Sep 1824

John McNUTT and Elizabeth McCULLOCH: 9 Dec 1824

Henry McCULLY and Nancy DELZALL: 5 Sep 1825

Henry McCULLY and Rebecca CALDWELL: 3 Sep 1827

John McCULLOUGH and Hannah H. BORING: 24 Jan 1828

John McCULLY and Eleanor FREW: 12 Aug 1823

James McCULLY and Elizabeth BOND: 4 Feb 1823

Samuel McCULLY and Betsy RHEA: 29 Sep 1825

Solomon McCULLY and Ann M. HAMILL: 1 Sep 1825

Robert EAGLETON and Elizabeth G. McCULLOCH: 19 Sep 1825

James McNUTT and Susanah McCULLOCH: 29 Nov 1833

Robert P. McCULLOCH and Christina CALDWELL: 8 Oct 1835

James McCULLY and Margaret DIXON: 19 Dec 1838

Samuel F. COWAN and Elizabeth J. McCULLOCH: 6 Dec 1841

John C. MAXWELL and Elizabeth Ann McCULLEY: 12 May 1840

Joseph ARMBRISTER and Margaret Ann McCULLOCK: 16 Dec 1847

Richard J. CASHON and Isabella J. McCULLY: 23 Aug 1848

Jno McCULLEY and Elizabeth Ann HAMILL: 12 Sep 1844

George E. McCULLOCH and Mary McKAMY: 19 Oct 1847

John McCULLY and Martha F. GOODLIN: 22 Jan 1846

George W. MIZER and Nancy J. McCULLOUGH: 16 Sep 1852

John HERIN and Mary A. McCULLY: 1 Mar 1855

James C. VAUGH and Rebecca McCULLEY: 20 Sep 1855

Wm R. YEAROUT and Myry M. McCULLY: 22 May 1856

McLin DAVIS and Elizabeth McCULLAH: 13 Apr 1857

Thomas MARTIN and Elizabeth McULLEY: 18 Sep 1851

John H. JAMES and Sarah E. McCULLOUGH: 7 Mar 1850, Issued; John W. BAILEY, bondsman.

Benjamin ORE and Eliza McCULLY: 6 May 1859

James K. ORR and Martha McCULLY: 27 Jan 1858

Joseph McCULLY and Elizabeth STINNETT: 13 Aug 1850


David CALDWELL and Molly RUSSELL: 29 Jan 1799, Issued.

David CALDWELL and Elizabeth GIFFIN: 25 Oct 1800, Issd. John EWING, bond.

david CALDWELL and Sarah YEAROUT: 22 Apr 1833

David CALDWELL and Elizabeth RUSSELL: 19 Feb 1835

James CALDWELL and Nancy KELLY: 2 Oct 1817

Alexander CALDWELL and Jane LOGAN: 9 Nov 1824

Carson CALDWELL and Sally AKRIDGE: 17 Jan 1826

John CALDWELL and Cinthia SHADDEN: 22 Feb 1822
St Clair F. CALDWELL and Margaret MONTGOMERY: 16 Jan 1823

Robert W. CALDWELL and Sibby RUSSELL: 1 Jan 1823

Hugh E. ALEXANDER and Sarah CALDWELL: 29 Jan 1824

Hugh BOGLE and Hannah CALDWELL: 2 April 1801, Issd. Andrew BOGLE, bondsman.

Joseph CALDWELL and Anny MAIZE: 16 May 1833

Adam W. CALDWELL and Nancy WATERS: 18 Oct 1838

Carson CADWELL and Polly E. BARRETT: 13 Dec 1836

Robert CALDWELL and Lavenia McGHEE: 14 Apr 1836

Nathaniel EWING and Margaret CALDWELL: 16 May 1837

James MEANALESS and Elizabeth CALDWELL: 10 Feb 1801, No returns.

James MOORE and Hapy CALDWELL: 21 Oct 1831

Andrew McCAMPBELL and Jane CALDWELL: 27 Dec 1825

Robert P. McCULLOCH and Chirstina CALDWELL: 8 Oct 1835

Samuel TULLOCH and Catherine M. CALDWELL: 21 Oct 1830

Benjamin WALKER and Anny CALDWELL: 5 Oct 1820

John D. WILSON and Eleaner CALDWELL: 8 Nov 1827

George CALDWELL and Mary SHARP: 14 Aug 1845

John C. CALDWELL and Dorcas LOWERY: 31 Aug 1847

Robert R. CALDWELL and Eliza L. MARTIN: 14 Oct 1841

A. L. CALDWELL and W. E. M BOGLE: 6 Nov 1856

Joseph CALDWELL and Mary MILLSAPS: 19 Nov 1856

Samuel CALDWELL and Sarah D. BEAN: 30 Dec 1856

Nathaniel EWING and Margaret CALDWELL: 16 Mar 1837

Levi MARTIN and Matilda CALDWELL: 8 Nov 1859


Alexander EWING and Jane WARREN: 8 Dec 1817; issued, no returns.

Alexander EWING and Margaret L. McCULLOCH: 14 Sep 1824

Alexander EWING and Isabella McCLURE: 24 Feb 1825

George EWING, Jr and Elenor PARKER: 13 Sep 1827

James EWING and Mary THOMPSON: 30 April 1798, issd. James EDMINSTON, bondsman.

John EWING and Susanna MINNIS: Sep 26 1812, issd. No returns.

John EWING and Sally McGAUHY: Dec 12 1816

John EWING and Margaret CONNER: 17 Jan 1839

Will N. EWING and Martha M. E. STEELE: 26 Apr 1829

William EWING and Jane TUCKER: 22 April 1834

Wm D. EWING and M.E.M. POPE: 12 Feb 1857

Ezekiel ALEXANDER and Elizabeth G. EWING: 12 Oct 1824

Miles H. BAILEY and Nancy EWING:25 Feb 1834

James BEARD and Jane EWING: 14 Aug 1823

John C. CAMPBELL and Sibby EWING: 25 Feb 1834

James CONNER and Harriett A. EWING: 5 Nov 1835

William DUNLAP and Ellenor EWING: 24 Sep 1816

William EAGLETON and Peggy EWING: 2 April 1816

Joshua HAYS and Margaret R.EWING: 25 Sep 1855

Samuel W. RANKIN and Isabella EWING: 27 Jan 1831

Leonard WOODS and Jane M. EWING: 4 Nov 1834

John TRIAS and Tabitha EWING: 11 Nov 1834

Daniel TAYLOR and Elenor EWING: 29 Jan 1833


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