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Death Records

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The following records are taken from VITAL RECORDS OF DARTMOUTH MASSACHUSETTS TO THE YEAR 1850 VOLUMEIII-DEATHS, Published by The New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1930; p 26, pp 80-81.


CORNELL (Cornel), Elisabeth (Cornel), w. Daniel, Apr. 10, 1767.

Jacob, May 7, 1846. a. 39 y. 6 m., G.R.II.

Jethro S.., ---, 1848,[on monument with Sophia A. HOWLAND]G.R.I. [h. Sophia A. SANDFORD, s. Abraham and Hannah, Sept. 1, P.R.8.]

John, Apr. 3, 1845, a. 81 y. 8 m. 3 d., [on stone beside that of Mehetable] G.R.20. [h. Mehitabel, P.R.9.]

Joseph (Cornel), ch. Daniel and Elizabeth, 26th, 1 mo. 1765, C.R3.

Margaret, w. Amos, d. Elisha MACOMBER and Polly, Aug. 26, 1835, a. 30, G.R.I.

Mary (Cornel), wid., d. Abraham TUCKER and Mary, 5th, 12 mo. 1769 "N.S.," C.R.3.

Mehetable, w. John, June 17, 1839, a. 75 y. 6 m. 13 d., G.R.20. [Mehitabel, P.R.9.]

Richard (Cornel), Feb. 27, 1761. [Rec. after chn. of Richard and Content.]

Sarah, Mrs., Oct. 31, 1820 a. 84, G.R.39.

Susan S., s. Joseph H., Dec. 14, 1844, in 25th y., G.R.37.


WING, Content, d. Savery, May 10, 1803, G.R.39.

Daniell, s. John and M[a]rtha, 10th, 2 mo. 1713, in21st y., in Rochester, C.R.3.

Debro, ch. John and M[a]rtha, 1st, 10 mo. 1715, in 21st y., in Rochester, C.R.3.

Jashub. s. Joseph Jr., Dec. 12, 1753.

John, Mar. 31, 1755. [Rec. after chn. of John and Jemima.]

Joseph, ch. John and M[a]rtha, 2d, 10 mo. 1715, in 29th y., in Rochester, C.R.3.

Joseph, 2d. 8 mo. 1839. C.R.3.

Peleg S., ch. Pardon and Almy, June 12, 1816, a. 1 y. 3 m. 14 d., P.R.34.

Rebecca, d. Pardon and Amy, Dec. 21, 1845, a. 8 y. 1 m. 10 d., G.R.34. [a. 8 y. 1 m. 14 d., P.R.34.]

Rhoda, 14th, 3 mo. 1835, C.R.3.

Samuel, 8th, 6 mo. 1772, C.R.3.

Sarah, w. Edward, Aug. 2, 1727. [2d, 5 mo., C.R.3.]

Sylvia, w. Savery, Sept. 5, 1804, in 33d y. [dup.a. 33], G.R.39.



Samuel Newton Henderson
Abbie Piggott
William Henry Piggott
William Madsen PIGGOTT
Sarah Jane Pugmire


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