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Past Winners!

doriedoodoo with:
"Baby Blu says: See no evil, speak no evil, Hear no evil.

snoozer3999 with:
"Chia: I have to get in there!
Mynci: Whys that?
Chia: Because I'm the priest!"

sarahsuk with:
"Flotsam: I knew I shouldn't have eaten those extra pancakes at breakfast!"

alexnewsom16 with:
"Blue Techo: So what!! I could float if I wanted to!!!"

talencia with:
"Lupe: I see the Banana Split boys have struck again!"

sterlings2 with:
"He's trying to tell us where they've taken the Tombola Man but we don't understand his language, I'll get him to talk into this special translator phone to find out, then we can let the rest of Neopia know and we'll all be heroes"

__peekay__ with:
watermelon: "Third place? I am sure I look bettern than those pumpkins & I DEFINETLY look better than that buzz"

drinkcoffee with:
Blumaroo: "If I put up my thumb, that's a good sign, right? But what if I put it up, but I'm upside down? I'm confused now..."