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What is Wicca?
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The Lord and Lady

Wicca is a religion that focuses polarity and nature. By polarity I mean the God and Goddess aspect versus a God or a Goddess. This is true because life is created when a male and female join and since Wicca celebrates life it all makes sense. Don't you wish all religions are so logical?

In the big scope, the God and Goddess divide what Wiccan's sometimes call the All. Think of the All as nature as a whole. As all living things in nature are often divided into male and female, the all is likewise divided. This division is further continued into many different facets, like the facets in a gem, each representing a different aspect of life, both physical and spiritual.

The God and Goddess are seen in many forms to many people. The many forms are unlimited for one can create thier own concepts of the Lord and Lady to fit their own needs and beliefs. Often though, Wiccans use the Norse, Greek, Roman or Egyptian pantheons to fill their needs. When one has a pair of patron deities it is fitting that these deities share a relationship in the lore they are chosen from. This of course will be much easier when one creates their own deities.

"As all things are of the God and Goddess, all actions are interactions with God and Goddess.


Magick, despite popular belief, does not give us the power to blow things up. Magick is science that has not been explained. To me magick is essentially mind over matter. This may sound lame but allow me to continue. The universe constantly changes based on what people do. By focusing on something with intent we can change our reality. You can't just think "rain" and have a flash flood though.

Humans only use 10 percent of their brain at the most. If we could use more, it would be amazing and I would have to retract my statement about blowing stuff up! Often when people dread something so much that it is all they can think about, it generally happens because internal visualizations tend to manifest external tangibles.

So what about all that "magickal" stuff witches use? A lot of magickal herbs do have healing properties but this has been tested so it is now science, not magick. Lighting a candle with intent is another story however. The candle allows the mind to focus on its intent on a number of different levels. Incense symbolic of the intent is lit affecting the sense of smell. The more senses attuned to the intent, the more powerful the focus of the mind thus giving it more power and creating a spell.

To Be Continued...

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Good Books to Read


Wicca for Men by A. J. Drew.