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Give a round of sound to the writing styles of Jeremy Abbott!

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One of my budding hobbies is writing. I have always been very imaginative and this has been spurred on by the many different manifestions of fantasy literature. One one of my greatest inspirations has been the Final Fantasy series of video games. The series is set on a roleplaying platform (the player assumes the role of the protagonist and teams up with other characters to stop the antagonist. Each game presents an immensely dynamic fantasy adventure. David Edding's series The Belgariad is incredibly witty and I have tried to integrate similar styles into my stories. Edding's also uses the hero cycle to optimum effect, a feat I have yet to attempt. The vivid Forgetten Realms presented in the stories of R. A. Salvatore have given me the desire to create my own dynamic world for a characters to play out amazing heroics.

The following is a list of the stories I have written. Click on a link to read the story. As always e-mail me with comments on my stories so that I can improve my skill (or lack thereof as the case may be!).
Magick School A group of misfit magickal beings training in the arts of combat at a magickal academy.