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Nifty Links (to me at least)!

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These are a few websites I frequent when I have the time. These links are not the same as the links under the Wicca information.
Final Fantasy Online One of the best Final Fantasy sites for information on what Square-Enix is doing to/with the Final Fantasy series.
Sluggy Freelance If you are not a Sluggite (Sluggy fan) yet you will be after reading a few of these massively funny comics!
Garfield Garfield the cat. Some people say that I am Garfield because of the way he treats Jon and Odie. If my dad were Jon and my sister were Odie they would be right! is great for Integra enthusiasts like me. There is a great deal of how-to information and advice as well as some nice "Teg" pictures.
Whatever You See This is the webpage a friend of mine created. It has lots of pictures of his and a funny Wal-Mart comic. The best part of his web page is the drawings however. They are awesome!
Supernating Superdudes Make your own hero and save the universe. It's fun and free so why not give it a whirl?