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Pays-de-la-Loire Day #8: Saint Malo and Mont-St-Michel 8/10/03 Sun Home

  On a clear morning you can see the Mont-Saint-Michel across the bay to the north of Saint Malo. It will be a VERY short drive along the beach, to make up for yesterday. In the early eighth century, the Archangel Michael appeared to Bishop Aubert of Avranges, who started an oratory. In 966, a Benedictine monastery was established. In 1020, Richard II began the Abbey Church, and supported Abbot Hildebert's construction efforts. Over time, the spiritual foundations of the abbey waned, and in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries it was used as a prison. In 1874, the French government assumed responsibility for the abbey's upkeep and restoration. It is located on an island which, at high tide, is totally surrounded by the ocean. At the top is the Abbey, complete with stained glass windows, and a really cool military hideout with a system of mirrors that allow you to see outside as with a video camera. Near the middle is a classic oubliette, a huge hole about 50 feet deep, where prisoners were thrown and left to die and rot. At the bottom is a huge statue of the Archangel Michael, made of solid silver. Wear your hiking shoes for this!

I think 2 days on the seashore is not too much. We go back to the same hotel that night.


 Don't get there before you can   get in!  High Tide Schedule


Mt-St-Michel Homepage


Ouvert mai-septembre : tlj. 9 h-17 h 30 ;
octobre-avril : tlj. 10 h-16 h 30
Fermé les : 1er janvier, 1er mai, 11 mai, 11 novembre et 25 décembre.
Tél. : 02 33 89 80 00

Unaccompagnied visit :  7 €  each.

from May 2 to August 30: 9-7

the Abbey garden  a street on the's a hike!  Statue of the Archangel Michael (Saint Michel)

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From Saint-Malo: exit n° 2, secondary roads D 155 and D 797 towards Pontorson, then secondary road D 976
From Caen: exit n° 8, main road N 175 towards Rennes, up to Pontaubault, then secondary roads D 43, D 75 and D 275 to the Mont Saint-Michel