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Click for map of Centre region Day #5: Blois to Tours  8/7/03 Thurs Home

Tours- 3700

a bed at Amboise

Soldier's mess hall at Amboise

Well, here's the thing about cheap hotels...they kick you out early. But you can sleep in tomorrow! Yay! Today is another big castle day, we'll visit Amboise Palace (if we want we can go back around 10pm and see a historical play at the castle about it's history for 16 each) and the Ladies' Palace of Chenanceau. Then we drive to Tours and stay with my cousins the  Martels.


the Martel kids...and me and my mom


18 T Rue James cane, 3700 Tours

Martel home:




black and white tiled gallery over the river at Chenonceau More on Amboise... history etc...    

More on Chenonceau: history etc... Chenonceau offers horseback tours!   Chenonceau has a Wax Museum

Amboise: 7,0 each, open from 9h00 to 19h00 (7pm)

Chenonceau: 8,00 . each, open from 9h00 - 19h00. Free parking.

Blois to Amboise



Amboise to Chenonceau


Chenonceau to Tours

Written Directions