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  Pictures and Notes Names, Addresses, Phone# & E-Mail
Meme(my grandma) and I walking through Clamart Meme: Susanne Puybaret

Chambre 204 Sainte Emily, 81 Avenue Schneider, 92141 Clamart


my mom and I had to jump in on this one, but in the back row 9from left to right) are Jilles (youngest), Loic (oldest) and Nathalie (middle, now lives in Texas)


Martel: Madelein, Gabi. Loic, Nathalie, Jilles

18 T Rue James cane, 3700 Tours

Sophie and mother Jeanne-Marie: Jeanne-Marie was once married to my mother's oldest brother, Jean-Claude, but Sophie's real father is dead. I'm not related by blood to her, but she's still my favorite French cousin. Sophie Gouyet:

11 Rue de la Pomme, 31000 Toulouse

Four generations of the Robillard family. Freom left to right, back to front: Benoit (son), Fabienne (Benoit's wife), Marcel, (grandfather), Monique( Marcel's daughter), Jean (Monique's husband) Robillard: Monique and Jean

Notre-Dame-de-Fresnay-L'oudon, 14170 Saint Pierre-sur-Dives

Phone: 02-31-20-60-75

Left to right: Marilyn, Nikkie, Marina
My first level relations: left to right: Loic(Alain & Christine's son), Mom, Dad, Jean-Claude (mom's big brother), Collette (mom's little sister) Alain (mom's little brother) Marie-Claude (Jean-Claude's wife) Christine (Alain's wife) Meme (mom's mom)
Collette and her husband Tri Nguyen(he's Vietnamese)

My cousins Minh (right) and Kim (left) are Collette and Tris' boys. I think they are allergic to me!