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Can a Felines Color be Responsible for it's Temperment?
Some common stereotypes associated with cats consist of black catís being laid back, tortishells labeled as high strung, and tabbies as laidback and wonderful house pets. The need for a human being to organize knowledge into categories provides for the stem of these ideas, but they are not always true. Unfortunately, behavior is difficult to measure in a purely scientific study; therefore, personal experiences are used to designate the categories. The result is that when people find a chaotic black cat or a quiet tortie they believe something is wrong with the animal when it is most likely just the catís personality. Or a person may find these same cats and approach them according to their reputation which could alter a catís temperament by causing a calm cat to get nervous if approached cautiously or a spastic cat to attack if not approached cautiously enough. A general rule of thumb is to not approach strange animals unless you ask someone first or you are trained to work with them. These creatures are complicated and easily upset by any change in their environment, a respectful view should be taken. continue
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