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Telekinesis Techniques


The Magical Staff

Telekinesis Techniques Telekinetic Energy is Natural

The ability of telekinesis is very natural occurrence and we all have the ability to perform telekinesis it's just a matter of learning the ability. It is primarily a Mind/Brain/Consciousness related phenomenon though certainly its roots are sub-atomic like all manifestations. Some research shows there is a lot of activity in the cortex of the brain in relationship to this. Most of what we term psychic phenomenon or mystical happenings happen in the "off" phases of consciousness.

Consciousness is always in the on/off phasing, blinking off and on, as it were. Off/On phasing phenomenon is photon related manifestation of energy and light. The energy we are dealing with here is tiny pockets or "quanta" of energies. The ability to bend spoons, levitate is happening at the other levels being only manifested as a physical event upon the space/time shell frame which we interpret as our reality. There is also a good deal of illusion as well. One must be able to discern the reality of both. Sometimes there is a vast difference in what we THINK we see vs what IS actually happening. What is Telekinesis

Telekinesis is essentially the ability to move an object on the physical plane using only psychic power. While some people think that it is an occult practice, this is not strictly so. I can only give my perspective, but I believe that we are all born with this skill. It is inherent, like walking, talking, breathing. We simply neglect it from day one.

A common theory is that TK works by energy fields (magnetic or electric) or by "waves" of psychic energy which are actually dense enough to push/repel an object or draw it inward.

Most people's only encounter with TK is accidental- something mysteriously falls over or objects fly around a room, a phenomena often mistaken for a poltergeist when it may actually be a person with spontaneous telekinetic powers.

Anyone can harness their power and use it with the proper devotion. A Theory on Telekinesis

Telekinesis is thought of as this really amazing "talent" that only a few people have. Quite the contrary, I believe that telekinesis is something we all inherently have. We simply do not use it. In fact, in general, we all have psychic abilities. Let me explain.

Every living person has a brain. Obviously. To say anything otherwise would be preposterous. However, we don't use the entire brain, we don't even use the better fraction of it. We also each use different parts more than others. Some people enjoy art, some enjoy math and numbers, logic, sports, writing, dancing, collecting... all of these activities use a different part of the brain. This is like psychic ability. We all use some of our total psychic potential, but far from all of it. Some of us just "know" when something it going to happen, or can predict an outcome better than most people, or get a "sense" of whether a person you just met is of a good or bad character. All of these are uses of the psychic power.

Just like the brain, we can also exercise the parts that lay unused. An artist can learn algebra if they really put their nose to the grindstone. Just the same, you can learn telekinesis with proper training and expanding of your natural psychic abilities.

The only thing that holds you back is not believing in yourself. Just like the child who says, "I can't do math, it's impossible", the person who says "I can't use telekinesis, I just don't have the ability" is holding themselves back. They say that you're your worst critic. Well, stop it! Believe in yourself and the abilities will follow.

A Skeptics Definition

Telekinesis is the movement of objects by scientifically inexplicable means, as by the exercise of an occult power. Psychokinesis is the production of motion in physical objects by the exercise of psychic or mental powers. Uri Geller claims he can bend spoons and stop watches using only his thoughts to control the external objects. Others claim to be able to make pencils roll across a table by a mere act of will. The variety of parlor tricks used to demonstrate psycho kinetic powers is endless.

My thoughts on this: Of course there are a variety of parlour tricks to demonstrate this. There are parlour tricks for practically everything! This does not mean that genuine telekinesis is impossible.

More About and How to Do Telekinesis

TELEKINESIS is moving things using your mind. If you're going to try telekinesis, you have to be relaxed, clear of thoughts, and you have to be able to concentrate on that object and nothing else. Some people think you should meditate before trying to use telekinesis. You have to be very dedicated because it can take years to learn, but I think it's worth the wait. Think of your goal in your head, imagining it over and over, thinking of nothing but the object and your goal. Do this for as long as you're comfy with, and do it daily. After some time you will start to see results. I've found that light things are easier so start with light things. Some experiments are: Rolling a pen touching it less each time, using a light piece of paper is pretty easy, a toothpick in water, trying to make the fire of a candle lean to one direction, a feather in a bottle, balancing a spoon on the edge of a glass and trying to make the spoon rock off, and last but pretty easy is bending silverware or keys. Bending silverware is a little different. You hold the choice object in your hand, and you feel the surface as you imagine in your head bending the silverware. The thing is, you don't "make" it bend, you "let" it bend. Levitation is pretty much a form of telekinesis so use the same method as telekinesis if you want to levitate something or yourself off the ground. Some people think telekinesis has to do with magnetic energy, and some think it's the use of energy.

THE SHAPING OF ENERGY WITH THE MIND is often used to make psi balls. This is a way to learn to shape energy. You cup your hands as if holding something between them, and then think like your a faucet of energy, and just let it flow out through your hands and into a ball between them. Even if you can't see it maybe it's not strong enough and you need to add more. Don't worry about seeing when you first start because you may not be able to add enough. You can tell if you made a psi ball though by paying attention to your hands. They will get hot and your hand will have little twitches every now and then. If your hands hurt don't worry, it's normal. Try making psi balls during different feelings, and see what changes there are. Once you can see your psi ball you can change it's color, shape, and etc. It will do whatever you want it to.

SHIELDS are made in mostly the same method, but the energy is surrounding you. You can program it to your will. It will do whatever you want it to.

TELEPATHY is exploring someone's thoughts. You can also send to them through telepathy. Like, pick a letter and have a friend that you will be sending to, have them receive. Imagine you are linking to them, to their thoughts (sender). When you feel you are linked, clear your mind except for the letter. Picture the letter in your mind in different color, size, and fonts. Think the word as you do this. The receiver must clear their minds and must be open to all thoughts they receive or think they receive. Do not have the receiver say the letter until he thinks he absolutely knows what it is.

EMPATHY is feeling other peoples' feelings. Telekinesis

Apparent change in or movement of material objects, caused by mental effort alone. It is also called psychokinesis (PK). The claims of Uri Geller (1946- ), an Israeli, to break metal objects merely by concentrating on them have received great publicity. Telekinesis has been evoked to explain levitation and certain poltergeist manifestations.

Where to Begin

There are certain things you need to work on before you can get anywhere with telekinesis. Here I will discuss the obstacles you must overcome and the exercises you must practice.

1. Doubt

TELEKINESIS IS REAL. People have done it, people do it all the time. It is a gift all humans hold. Get that through your head before going any further. Doubt is like a wall between you and TK. So climb over the wall and leave it far behind you. You do not need doubt in your search for truth, especially not when it comes to the powers of the mind.

2. Logic

Okay, you live in a practical world, it's only natural to try to reason things. Don't bother. Set practicality aside, and when you achieve TK you will then see how silly the concept of logic is altogether. It will all make sense when you get there.

3. Purity of the Heart

Why do you want to learn TK? You reasons must be positive and your intent must be pure. If you wish to learn it to harm people, to profit off a strange talent, or just to impress your friends, forget about it. Learn it to exercise the mind, learn it to challenge your reality. Don't try it for some kind of cheap glory. If that's your intent, you'll get nowhere.

4. Meditation

YOU MUST MEDITATE. Consider this a requirement. Take it one step at a time. Meditation is key in order to prepare the mind for telekinesis.

Improving Your Telekinesis

I get letters like "I've tried and tried at TK but I still can't do it!" all the time. The reason is always the same. A person seems to think that trying for a week is a "long time". Forget that. Telekinesis is worth the wait, but what a wait it is. The very skilled get it in 2 weeks. A greater faction of us doesn't get there for months, maybe years. I have developed this list to help you get on the right path towards telekinesis. KEEP TRYING!

Meditate daily for half an hour, fifteen minutes if you're schedule is too busy.

Attempt TK at least once a day, twice if possible. Give yourself a good 30-60 minutes to try it.

Focus on one method for at least a week, if it shows no results, switch methods.

Be at ease; instead of taking it too seriously think of it as an experiment, a game. If you try too hard you'll just end up frustrating yourself and you'll get nowhere.

Don't give up.

Don't tell yourself you can't do it, because you can.


What You Can Do With Telekinesis

With tk you can : move objects i.e. magazines, cups, etc. bend objects (spoons, forks, pencils etc.) you can make psi balls ( balls of energy) and throw them if your advanced you can: shut/open windows lock doors turn on lights hurl objects at people or at other things

What Not To Do

Before you get started trying to bend the spoons and forks, let me give you some tips on why it may not work or hasn't been working.

1. The reasons why someone has difficulty cultivating their telekinetic skills is usually one of several things. Some human emotions like stress can impede the process, though, once in awhile a stressful situation can actually increase someone's ability to achieve what appears as superhuman traits. I'm sure you've heard of the situations where all of a sudden something happens and someone can lift a ton of something. Yes, that has to do with adrenaline but there is also a dynamics of "quanta" going on there. In the moment of "have to" they released their natural ability to, seemingly, defy science. They didn't think about it, they just did it. No thinking, no preconceived judgments. Don't think about it so much just practice without preconceiving.

2. Usually, though, if there isn't any real danger or need, the human emotions inhibit the path that the brain requires to create the neural network it needs to create this atmosphere. The more negative emotions, like guilt, fear, non trusting, judgmental attitudes and suspicion are enough to inhibit that natural flow that is required. One must believe it is possible. How else can we expect to manifest anything if we can't believe it's possible? You can't.

3. Don't obsess on it relax!! Enjoy, cultivating another skill. It's not race, or a test. It's not about worth or worthy. So many spiritually based philosophies are based on reward. Spiritual awareness and evolution are not "prizes" you win. Opening up to higher levels of spiritual awareness is a growth process of evolving ones consciousness. Telekinetic's is just one more skill with the ability of possible manifestation.

4. Don't carry preconceived ideas as to the outcome. Experience it, naturally. Don't script it. Don't tell yourself how it should go or that you have to be at a certain point at a certain time all that impedes the energy. When you do that you are so busy thinking that the correct atmosphere or pathway can not be presented. Will and Reason are not juxtaposed to telekinetic ability.

5. Don't get frustrated and angry at yourself. Again, relax, Have fun with it.

6. Don't be self-conscious. Yes, many times people feel foolish or self conscious. Don't. If you can't do it right away it says nothing about who you are. It simply just says the spoon or fork isn't bending, yet that's all.

Who Can Do Telekinesis?

What? "Who can use telekinesis???" I'll tell you who.



Method 1: Becoming One With the Object Stare at the base of the flame (not at the flame itself, don't get retina burn, and yes, you may blink). Gaze at it, defocus your eyes and enter a meditative state. Watch how the candle dances and moves. Imagine the flame as an extra limb, feel that you are able to move it as easily as your arm or leg. Keep watching, and when you feel it is a part of you, try flexing it. See the flame grow wider, thinner, taller, shorter, flicker, or stand still. Do this for 5-10 minutes, then snuff the candle out.

Method 2: Visualize! With this method, just see what you want to have happen clearly in your mind. If you want a parking space near the door of a crowded mall, visualize clearly an empty space right near the front door before you leave your house. Looking for a special something? See it clearly, see yourself in possession of it and happy. To enforce the visualization, write down exactly what you want. Be descriptive! If you need it, it will happen. If not, realize there may be a reason it did not occur as you wished; perhaps something better will come along, or it just wasn't appropriate for this thing to happen at this time. Always ask that it be done in the best interests of all concerned. This also works on faulty electronic equipment and many other things; just see the computer, vcr, car, etc working perfectly.

Method 3: Pushing With Energy Read the beginner logs and master Energy Balls before attempting this one. Blow up a balloon and set it on the floor (preferably a surface with very little friction; a linoleum floor perhaps) Form an energy ball, making it as dense as possible. With the energy ball between your hand and the balloon, push the balloon along the floor with the energy ball. Do not touch the balloon with your hand.

Visual Techniques




Charge your physical body with energy.


Then place a stone in front of you.


Then focus your eyes on the stone in front of you.


Now close your eyes and visualize that stone in front of you.


Then visualize that your energy is blending with the stone.


Then focus your mind on moving the stone to the left using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the stone to the right using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the stone back to the center using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the stone towards you using the power of thought.


Now focus your mind on moving the stone away from you using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the stone back to the center using the power of thought.


Then in your own time open your eyes.


To do steps six to eleven a couple of times. Then if you want to try using another small object like a cup.



Charge your physical body with energy.


Then place a cup in front of you.


Then focus your eyes on the cup in front of you.


Now close your eyes and visualize that cup in front of you.


Then visualize that your energy is blending with the cup.


Then focus your mind on moving the cup to the left using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the cup to the right using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the cup back to the center using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the cup towards you using the power of thought.


Now focus your mind on moving the cup away from you using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the cup back to the center using the power of thought.


Then in your own time open your eyes.




Charge your physical body with energy.


Then place a chair in front of you.


Then focus your eyes on the chair in front of you.


Now close your eyes and visualize that chair in front of you.


Then visualize that your energy is blending with the chair.


Then focus your mind on moving the chair to the left using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the chair to the right using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the chair back to the center using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the chair towards you using the power of thought.


Now focus your mind on moving the chair away from you using the power of thought.


Then focus your mind on moving the chair back to the center using the power of thought.


Then in your own time open your eyes.




Charge your physical body with energy.


Then close your eyes and see your visual body standing in front of you.


Then visualize that your energy is blending with your visual body.


Then move your visual body to the left using telekinesis and the power of thought.


Then move your visual body to the right using the power of thought.


Then move your visual body back to the center using the power of thought.


Then move your visual body backwards using telekinesis and the power of thought.


Then move your visual body forwards using the power of thought.


Then move your visual body back to the center.


To do steps four to nine a couple of times to get the hang of it.


Physical Techniques

What Can You Do

1. What we do is have an accepting attitude. Believe it can happen. Everyone I ever taught this technique to and who was successful in bending a fork or spoon, had a POSITIVE attitude about it. They may not have believed they could do it but they did believe it was possible. That's a start for the proper frame of mind. Next, believe YOU can!!

2. Focus your attention. So many people say they are concentrating but in fact their minds are scattered and they aren't really into it at all. Be there. Learn to do only one thing at a time. This is difficult in the contexts of our society's established standards. There seems to be a badge of honor attached to being able to do 50 things at once. We somehow seem to derive worth from this. Well, it's unhealthy. It's what contributes to stress, anxiety, elevated blood pressure and even depression and a host of other "dis-eases". Don't get caught up in all that. It's not about how much you can do but how well you do. It's about quality not quantity. It's a fact that the brain can really only think of one think at a time. Work with the natural process of your brain. There is an inner dialogue going on that can be distracting and scattering the energy. There are many techniques that will teach you the discipline that is required for stilling the Mind and to help you learn what true concentration really is. I recommend meditation, or Qigong, Yoga, Tai Chi or any one of the contemplative arts as a viable form to enhance self discipline and awareness.

3. The Art of Stillness. Practice being still. Yes, actually, being still without thinking anything. Try it. All the masters have acquired this skill. They can actually, sit still and think of no-thing. This is why they are able to do the "mystical" manifestations that we see. Opening a lock with the wave of a hand, or seemingly walk about without being noticed. They know how not to cause ripples in the Universal Energy. They have mastered the Self. They truly can focus on one thing and only one thing at a time. The longer you can sit still and still your mind, the more available energy you have. It is in that discipline that teaches, patience, acceptance and unconditional being. This is a skill that will enhance every aspect of your life. It's a great way to enhance one's healing techniques as well.

4. Learn to "Let Go". As soon as something, whether it's an old bias, an old emotion, blouse, anything let go of it. Resolve things in your life as quickly as possible. It will unclutter your mind and your emotions will flow more evenly and smoothly. By learning to, "let go", we also learn to let go of preconceived out come, that is how we "think" it will turn out. If you can't let go then you are still trying to control it. If you are still trying to control things then you close off many pathways of personal and spiritual growth. Let things happen when appropriate to do so.

5. Remember the 'Law of Coalesce'? When you think on something it will attract like thoughts. 20 seconds of one pure thought attracts an equal amount of pure energy of the same resonance and quality. Each 20 mark increases a multiplies the energy. Can you imagine what you could manifest just by 2 minutes of pure unadulterated thought!!? This equation works equally for both types of thoughts, be the positive or negative in origin. Be mindful of what you think on or about. Every action you take was proceeded by a thought. What was the quality of yours?

Those were some of the techniques that will help you open up to all your abilities. They are healthy guide lines for

How to make Psi Balls

PSI Balls (Beginner)

Creating psi balls is the act of shaping energy with the mind. Energy is much easier to manipulate than physical objects, so this is a great beginners exercise. Advance Techniques


Hold your hands out in front of you, with both palms facing. Close your eyes and relax. Concentrate on the space between your hands feel the energy ball between your hands. Try to strengthen this energy field by visualizing the ball growing stronger. If you cannot feel the ball, move your hands away from each other, then closer and closer, trying to feel the point of energy. To me, this feels like a tingling sensation between my hands and in my third eye.


Well Personally i think Psi Balls Have To do A LOT with TK i mean TK is a form of Psi so anyway here is how to make one if you don't know how. :) You Cup your hands together and shut your eyes Then You flex your arm muscle (keep eyes shut) Let the energy flow in your hands because that's all psi balls are are balls of energy Don't worry if you can't see it the 1st time you just need to put more energy in if you don't believe in this WHY ARE YOU HERE? just getting your attention ok now back to it Just keep trying i still haven't seen mine yet but i can feel the energy if your hand twitches that's ok that lets you know that you might be able to see it throw it at something and see what it does!


Anyone can learn to move objects with their mind. This exercise will help you increase your telekinetic skills.


A glass quart jar with a metal lid

Thin black sewing thread


A wooden match

A small sewing needle

Modeling clay


1. Clean the jar and let it dry.

2. Cut the burnable tip off of the wooden match (be careful not to cut near the tip)

3. Put the wooden match on a block of modeling clay

4. Push the small needle through the middle of the match. Do this slowly, with a twisting motion. If the needle is too big, it will break the match. You may also put matches in water and microwave them for 2 minutes, to soften them before putting a needle through them.

5. Push the needle half way through the match.

6. Clean the clay off the needle and the match.

7. Measure and cut a piece of thread long enough to reach from the lid to the middle of the bottle.

8. Glue one end of the thread to the middle of the inside of the lid.

9. Glue one end of the thread to the top of the middle of the match, just above where the needle goes through.

10. Let the glue dry.

11. Put the needle, match, and thread in the jar and screw the lid back on.

The jar should look like the picture above.


1. Put the jar on a table.

2. Stand or sit nearby so you are not touching the table.

3. Hold your hands, palms inward, about three inches away from the outside of the jar. Keep hour hands level with the needle.

4. Breathe deeply and focus your attention on the needle.

5. Move your hands a little, back and forth, imagining lines of energy moving from them to the tip of the needle. Direct the needle to move.

NOTE: Practice this no more than 20 minutes a day. If you get a headache, stop the exercise. The headaches, usually even with the top of the ears, will go away. Results will take from six-weeks to six months. Best results occurred at night before sleeping.

Bending An Object



1. Find utensil of choice.

2. Hold utensil in your hand / hands however you are comfortable.

3. Sit quietly breathe comfortably relax.

4. Empty mind of all extra chattering and thoughts. Remember stay focused.

5. With eyes closed slowly rub your fingers tips over the surface of the object.

6. Feel don't think about it feel what the surface feels like. Get into the flow of molecules, atoms, energy.

7. This may take a few attempts. You will begin to actual "feel" the energy.

8. At that very moment when you feel it, you and the object as a blend of energy just bend it! If you've done it correctly it will bend!!!

9. Remember NEVER apply force! You aren't there to physically force it to bend. That's not point of the exercise.


Spoon bending

Meditate for half an hour.

Find a spoon or fork.

Hold utensil in your hands.

Sit in a quiet space, breath deeply, and relax yourself. Escape mentally from all thoughts and sounds.

With your eyes shut, rub your fingertips lightly over the surface of the spoon's handle.

Feel the surface without necessarily thinking about it. Become a "part" of it, the atoms of the metal mixing with the atoms of your fingers and the air so that they flow together as thought they are water. Imagine it melting into liquid.

This may take a few attempts. You will begin to actual feel the energy and the warmth on the metal.

At the moment you feel the momentum of the energy, bend it! Don't put physical force on it- you're not testing your ability to bend a spoon with your hands. You already know you can do that. It's your mind we're testing.

Exercises to Help You Develop Your Abilities

The Compass Exercise

The compass exercise is something I still play around with every now and again. It is one of the easiest "tools" I know of that is accessible to just about anyone, and the are relatively inexpensive. Why a compass? Because the needle of the compass kind of floats and offers the least amount of surface friction and resistance.

1. Place the compass flatly on a stable surface. It doesn't matter what direction the needle is pointing in. I had someone ask me that once. This is an exercise about clockwise, hopefully. Though, there were those times I do get it moving counter clock wise. I'm not sure why that is really. It happened in the lab when I was involved in erasing static or "white" noise off of cassette tapes. That was part of an experiment we had to extend the tones or beats on a tape. Lets say in a normal range there may be 10 signals in a 10 second span, my job, as well as the others who were participating, was to extend the signals so that there were more in that same span. It worked but every once in awhile I seemed to shorten them instead but that's a whole other story. Just remember to try for clockwise direction of the needle.

2. This method is the HAND method. Place one or both hands about 1 inch or 2 inches above the compass. Close your eyes, but if you close your eyes you'll need a spotter to watch the needle for you.

I suppose you could video yourself and check the tape later. Electronic gadgets! I love'em! Next, DON'T THINK anything! Just relax holding your hand above the compass an have a knowing resolve of what you are there to do--- then just allow the neural network in your brain to do what it knows how to do. Be mindful, however, of why you are there doing what you are doing just don't think about it, that's all. You are not suppose to be engaging the cognitive part of your brain. You may or may not feel the energy surge through your arms and fingers. I usually do. Sometimes, my hair static's out and I look like I've been frightened or about to be hit by lightning. If that isn't a sight!! That's all there is to this exercise. Simple, easy and to the point. Your goal and only goal at this juncture is to get the needle to move.

A word of CAUTION. Don't use an expensive compass, as usually this exercise winds up ruining it to work as an actual compass again. This energy will alter certain structures.

Cork and Water Exercise

1. Here is another easy exercise for honing your psychokinetic skills. This method is very simple to put together. Water? Yes, remember? Less surface friction and offers less resistance. If you are going to be able to utilize telekinetic energy, at all, then this is the probably one of the most easy. Basically, all you need is a bowl of water, a cork, and a small paper clip. You can either glue the paper clip to the top of the cork, if you like, as all you are trying to do is add a little weight to cork so the cork doesn't float around on its own by room current or room air flow. The other method is to make a groove in the top of the cork. Uncoil the paper clip and let it rest in the groove. Either way, both work just fine.

2. Again, as in the compass method, place your hands about 1 or 2 inches above the cork. Release all preconceived ideas as to what should be happening next. Just let the energy flow. Feel it move through your arms and out through your finger tips. In a really good session you can have that cork sailing all over the bowl.

3. Try to remember that this "happening" happens in between the off/on phases of consciousness. I don't mean unconsciousness like passed out or fainting that's something else. I mean here aware and not aware phases of reality consciousness. I remember when I first was trying this technique when I started out years ago. I tried, and tried (I was still Willing and Thinking reality in those days) but that cork didn't budge. When all of a sudden the phone rang in that split second of me NOT THINKING the cork flew over to the side of the blow!


Floating Wood


Meditate for half an hour.

Fill a clear glass bowl with fresh water. Drop a toothpick or other small wooden object into the middle of the dish. Since there will be no friction between the water and the object, it will be easy to move it because there is less resistance.

Get comfortable and breathe deeply.

Look at the toothpick. Imagine your mind's "hand" coming out and pushing on the object, and imagine it gliding across the water to the other side of the dish. Feel the energy pushing on it. You should begin to notice some movement after a while. You can use your hands to direct your energy, but don't touch or blow on the toothpick.

Once you have practiced this and you believe you have gotten the hang of it, take it one step further. Imagine that you are pushing down on the object, forcing it to go under the surface of the water. This will take more concentration, but the results are also more significant.

Physical Objects (Advanced)

You can use a number of physical objects, and attempt to move them. Some suggestions are: Tipping a spoon, which is balanced off the side of a cup (you can hold your hand near). Bending the flame of a candle. Making a pendulum swing. Or try more difficult things like levitating object (yourself Included), closing doors etc. For more Advanced techniques check out the advanced techniques page or the levitation page.

Physical Telekinesis

Moving a Small Object

Choose a small, lightweight object, preferably made of a light metal, such as a cheap ring.

Clear your mind completely. You should have NO distractions whatsoever, and try not to let erroneous thoughts into your mind, or you will lose your focus. Concentration is vital.

Build a "tunnel" between you and the object. Visualize this tunnel between yourself and the object. You only see the object. Everything else is outside of the tunnel, and thus, outside of your view.

Now, imagine your mind's hands coming out and pulling the object in. Once you feel the pull, you might want to make sounds in your head that suggest a strong magnetic field (nnnn.... nnn.... nnnn.... ) It may sound silly, but it works!

Don't expect this to work the first time you try it. It might, but there is also a chance it will not. Try, try again! If you cannot devote your time and patience to this, don't bother trying it at all.

Why Can't I get Things To Slide or Lift?

Remember, there are laws governing these principles. We may not understand or even be cognizant of them, but they are there and they do work!!

One of the reasons it is so difficult to get things to lift or slide has to do with friction, resistance, etc. Okay, consider this. You are trying to get a bowl to slide across the counter.. Ask yourself about the dynamics involved here. Do you realize just how much energy it takes to perform that event?

A lot!! It's harder than bending a spoon or fork! Why? Because you are deal with things like horizontal distances between the objects center of mass, the point of contact to the surfaces. Friction, remember? It's actually, easier to levitate (lift it) it that drag it. Remember, that you want to start with easier things first, then if you find you have an ability graduate to other things. I'd love to be able to do what Matilda could do, Anyone see that movie? She had everything dancing about in the room!

Just remember - it IS possible!

Dancing Flame

Meditate for half an hour.

Light a candle in a safe place. A white candle on a white/light colored table is best.

Get comfortable and breathe deeply.

Stare at the candle's flame. Do not think about anything, clear the mind but keep the flame in front of you. Soon you should see only the flame. Not the table, not the candle, not the room and objects surrounding you, just the flame.

Now imagine the flame is stretching upward, growing taller, brighter. You can put your hand above it and imagine you are drawing the flame upward. Imagine the flame shrinks, becomes smaller and shorter. Imagine it flickers and dances. Imagine it bends. Practice these things until you feel you are "one" with the flame, and it is doing as you desire it to.

Keep practicing this, once you are comfortable with your ability to do this, try putting the candle out with your mind. Could you light it up again with just your mind? Hmm... anything is possible!


This is a simple experiment to exercise telekinesis.

Take a metal thumbtack (the kind with a flat, circular base) and set it so that the sharp end is pointing upward. Now take a small square of white paper, about 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch (maybe even smaller), and carefully balance it on top of the tack. You can replace the bit of paper with a piece of carefully cut aluminum foil if you feel more comfortable with metallic energies.

Meditate for half an hour.

Now sit in front of the "psi-wheel" you have just created. Stare on one corner of the square of paper. Focus all your energy on that one corner, willing the paper to start turning on top of the point. Imagine the wheel (the paper) begins to spin on the axis (the tack). Hold your concentration for as long as it takes for you to get it spinning.

Once you have the hang of this, try knocking the paper off the tack!

Swinging on a String

Meditate for half an hour.

Cut a piece of thread about 10 inches long. Tie a wide object to it, like a needle, a toothpick, or a short piece of a wooden rod. Hang the string so that you can sit comfortably in front of the hanging object.

Sit far enough away from the string so that you know you aren't making the object spin with your breathing. Let the object come to a complete stop, not turning at all in midair.

Take a deep breath.

Focus all your attention on one side of the object, right or left, it doesn't matter which. Imagine the object slowly turning as if your mind was really pushing against that side of it. You can use your fingers to "point" your energy, but do not touch the object.

Once it starts to turn, and who knows how long it will take you to get this far, imagine that your energy pushes it faster so it speeds up. It should turn with greater momentum.

Practice this. Once you get the hang of it, keep using this method to get the object to swing instead of just spin. Good luck!