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Monday, October 20,
2003, 4:41 p.m. MST:
Hey everyone, i know, the site looks kinda shabby, something like a crowded old attic. Except i haven't been able to get my computer at home working, so it looks crowded, but there really isn't much info available on the site right now. Sorry about that. Anyways, i'm not sure when i'll be able to get the damned computer workin, maybe i'll just get another one. Oh well, untill next time, i remain
Monday, August 18,
2003, 7:30 a.m. MST:
Hey everyone, it looks like i'm back online! I recently got a new job, where i get to sit at a computer all day and talk to disgruntled Qwest customers!! Doesn't that sound like the best job on earth?? Well, actually, it's not that bad, i get to play with a computer all day, update my site, check my eamil, and all sorts of other cool stuff. Anyway, i should probably get back to work. Till next time, i remain,
Saturday, June 28,
2003, 1:00 a.m. MST:
Sorry about not updating the site for so long, my modem is down right now and i only have internet access occasionally and when i am on its usually just to check my email. But, the progress will be slow from here on, sorry for the inconvenience.
Alchemy 22 Articles Ave, and Welcome!

I am the Annointed Guardian of the Jade Temple. And it is my duty to teach all those who seek to gain knowledge of the Other Places.

Below you will find the Portals to the Realms. Each will lead you to a different part of the Temple. As of yet there are only a few Portals of which I have opened for you to enter into. But through these you will learn the basics of the Realm of Magic to which it leads. In time I shall grant entrance to all of the Realms, but until then study well what I offer you. For knowledge is the key to power, and this is a powerful place.

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