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Bedknobs & Brushstrokes
Hand Painted
Pagan Altar Tables

For ages the pentagram has been a mysterious and magical symbol. Its five points have been symbolic of many meanings throughout history. It has represented such differing ideas that its image can conjure thoughts as opposite as “good” and “evil”. Often the negative associations are the result of ignorance.
The Pagan pentagram however, is associated with nature, and is very positive. Four points represent the elements, earth, air, fire, and water, while the top point represents the Spirit. It is enclosed in a circle, which symbolizes unity of the spirit and the nature of the world we live in. Thus the idea that we are one with all. Sometimes the points represent the human body, (arms, legs, head) surrounded by the circle (spirit).
The Pagan pentagram is used in rituals and worship and is usually found somewhere on the altar, whether it is a separate object or part of the altar itself.

Solid wood tables, hand painted with pentagram, original artwork and signature by Karin Marie.
These tables measure 16" diameter, 22-1/2" high.
Each table is $155. SHIPPING IS FREE!

To keep shipping free tables are shipped unassembled.  (Assembly requires attaching legs with a screwdriver).
To order tables assembled please e-mail.


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Pagan Altar Table: Mystic Purple1
Mystic Purple
Pagan Altar Table: Mystic Purple2 Pagan Altar Table: Mystic Purple3 Pagan Altar Table: Mystic Purple4
Pagan Altar Table: Mahogany Earth1
Mahogany Earth
Pagan Altar Table: Mahogany Earth2 Pagan Altar Table: Mahogany Earth3 Pagan Altar Table: Mahogany Earth4
Pagan Altar Table: Pele Red1
Pele Red
Pagan Altar Table: Pele Red2 Pagan Altar Table: Pele Red3 Pagan Altar Table: Pele Red4
Pagan altar table: Danu Green1
Danu Green
Pagan altar table: Danu Green2 Pagan altar table: Danu Green3 Pagan altar table: Danu Green4

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