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(PICTURE NEEDS UPDATED)This is my baby. It is a 1978 Custom (since picture was taken the exaust now comes out behind the tires on both sides and a factory tube style push bar has been mounted on front, has a light bar with daylighters, the tires are now TSL Thornbirds) It was green and tan, that had to change, it is now SUPERGREEN. I replaced the smaller mirrors with larger ones and added a step bumper(wow what a chore), and added a factory tube push bar, and I replaced the tailgate. I also need to put in the factory roll bar yet. I have plenty to do yet I have new quarters to go on, I have all new bushings to go on and so much more I want to do. I just rebuilt a 351M block and here are my specs. -351M block was decked .010, Bored .040 -heads shaved .007 and adapter kit for roller rockers installed and complete valve job - comp cam 265 DEH (hydraulic flat tappet) - flat top Badger pistons were balanced, molly rings - alum roller rockers - 400 crank, balanced, polished - 400 rods, balanced - hydraulic lifters - Edelbrock 400 performer intake - edelbrock 650cfm performer carb specs on the cam are adv dur 265 in 275 exh Valve lift .510 in .526 exh dur @ .050 211 in 223 exh 110 lobe seperation description given on Comp Cam's website is (HYDRAULIC-Very strong mid-range. Everyday performance with stock exhaust) I also found its rpm usable range is 1500-5750 I am running stock exh manifolds at this point but plan for headers in the near future. as of now--- 309hp@4500, 427lbs@3000. after headers---- 344hp@4500, 450lbs@2500

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