Y O U R ~ D A Y L E E ~ W A N D

Your Daylee Wand, although being a new company, believes in making wands "the old way", hand whittling, hand staining, and hand finishing. Our wands are sturdy and dependable, even if some of our woods and cores seem a bit unorthadox. Aside from the traditional woods, we also offer wands made in California Live Oak, Manzanita, Madrone, Polluck Pine, and other trees native to California. In addition to core such as dragon heartstring, unicorn tail-hair, and pheonix tail-feather, Your Daylee Wand also uses cores such as kneazle whisker, dragon scale, and moke skin.

Above is a tapered wand, 11 1/2 inches made of Rowan with a core of dragon heartstring. It has a four inch handle (not included in the length, making the entire length 15 1/2 inches).

Each wand is different, as they are all hand carved. They can take anywhere from one week to three to make. Upon completion, but before the finish, the wand is given a brand with our company initials.

Once the brand is cooled, the wand is covered with a protective coat of polyurethane.

It is carefully wrapped and shipped by owl with a letter of authentification and a display card.

Orders should be specific as possible. Wood and core, tapered or straight, length, handle (included in length or seperate), thickness, and inlude your first, middle, and last name.. Cost is 5 gl and 3 sk. For exchange rate, owl our wand crafter Sunny Daylee. Include the initials YDW in your subject line.

Your completed package will look something like these shown in following links (letter, though not shown, is included)

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