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"The Story of Cowgirl"

One Day at around 12:00 P.m. a horseNamed Chuter (shooter) was walking slowly around her new beded stall Feeling Very sick they She started to Hear the other HOrses runing around then she saw her owner Mary with a Lot of Feed and slowly got up and started to Eat she fineshed most of her Food laeter that night at about 11:45 an other horse milly started jumpung Running and Going just crazy she has had about 4 foals We culd not understand why Milly was so Crazy But then at 12:50 we looked on the Moniter and she was laying down allmost haveing a foal So WE RUSHED out there and She Was Starting to have it FINALY it came out She was the prettyest paint horse on her tail tummy Head and Legs so then We Finaly decided to name her Cowgirl we Had some people that Breed are horses come to look at a diffrent horse

But he stopped and Looked at cowgirl and asked if we would ever want to s ell her He said She was a GRAETE Horse and just Bilt wright We said NO WAY but then one summer came and the Horses had to go to a boarding place a pasture untill We got back from the trip like They Allwayz do but saddly this time We where 1 horse short Cowgirl Came Back Just kinda sad WIth are Other foal and his mom she nurrsed her andchuter Had Passed Away From Grass Poison know one knows how

Cowgirl Never did Look or play the same way again .........Story By Static4107......this was A tru story from my Horse..Cowgirl....My 1 year Old Horse :`(