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To Teachers in the Healing Arts

The Starlight Centre provides one of the most beautiful rental sites in the city. The space has a gas fireplace, hardwood floors, 16-foot high ceilings, high windows, a spectacular view, and a central location near Main and Fourth Avenue.
This is the perfect environment for:

  • healing circles
  • yoga classes
  • meditation groups
  • pre-natal classes
  • workshops.
Are you a yoga teacher who is looking for a beautiful space to teach?
Are you a workshop leader who needs a wonderful atmosphere for your students?
Are you a healer or massage therapist looking for an atmosphere to bring clients?
The Starlight Centre currently has a limited number of Honorary Memberships available.

Honorary Memberships include:

  • 20 hours of rental at a rental fee of $15 hr instead of the regular price of $25 hr (This is a saving of $200.)
  • Only a 50% deposit will be needed to book the space for workshops instead of the 100% payment in advance required by regular members
  • Preliminary Scheduling Preferences – the initial Honorary Members will have first choice of scheduling times
  • A description of yourself and your work will be provided on the Starlight Centre website with a link to your own website

Honorary Memberships are available for an introductory price of $500. For more information please contact Carol at (604) 872-1554 or email:

Now accepting hourly bookings from non-members for August at the following rates:

  • $25. per hour/minimum 4hrs.
  • $25. per hour/minimum 2hrs (with a commitment of at least one class per week)