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Summer 2003

random pics from this summer!

Sheetz sleepover: Amy and Emily in my room before we embarked on our journey

Me & Em on Spartan Rd.

Amis & Emily

look at the pretty sunrise!!

Amy & Em on Mack's porch where we ate our breakfast :)

Me & Amy

Senior Week: Emily & Nikki

Emily in our condo

pretty view from balcony


more ocean

aRe, me, Nikki minigolfing at Treasure Island

aRe juggling the golf balls

our little piece of "Heaven"... literally.. me & aRe's room

on the Blvd. me, Nikki, Diane, aRe

Sarah, aRe, and me in a beach store before we left

aRe's lollipop...


Sleepover at Carrie's: trying to wash the melted bowl.. oops..

Carrie & me

Carrie burning cds

July 4th: Kylie & me on the beach

on the beach

Amis on the boardwalk

me on the boardwalk

me & Amy


more fireworks!

me on the carousel

Kylie (she got the gold ring.. as usual..)


Amy's house: Gray in the laundrey bag

Gray, Amy, Emily

my bday: Shannon, first thing in the morning lol

Kitten day: Amy washing the kitten formally known as Socks

Kilo and Joey (his new name)

Amis & Joey

Kilo on my leg... aww..

More Pics