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Annie Get You Gun

a mixture of pics from preview and photo call.

cast photo (i added Jon haha)

the opening - Buffalo Bill

"and the thrill each morning when you wake up...

...with daubs of makeup behind your ears!"

"there's no business like show business..."

" lights..."

"I'll thank you to give me that bird back!" "what fer? I shot it!"

"what is mine, dear, will be yours..."

"I'll share it all with you"

"my defenses are down"

balloon girls!!! the fabulous "trick"

can can girls

the waltz...

"I hope it's me!"

"Miss Oakley, would you mind shooting something for us?"

" no heirloom for my kin.."

"sun in the morning and the moon at night!"

"pull!... miss?"

"they say that falling in love is wonderful..."

curtain call

encore! "there's no business like show business..."

" lights..."

ending pose

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