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Hershey Park!

July 28, 2003

Angie & Shannon in line for the Super Dooper Looper

still in line, studying maps

Shannon, me, Angie.. partners in crime

Kate, James, Shannon, and Angie in line for Great Bear (2 tons? you mean i could drop a horse out of the Great Bear??)

Shannon, me, Angie soaked after Tidal Force

Kate & James

Shannon?? Driving!! ahhh

this was a pic of both of us, but i looked so bad i cut myself out lol

Angie & Davis, and Andrew sterring w/ his knees lol

view from Kissing Tower

another view

more Kissing Tower


CP!! Angie w/ her winning score, and CP the snake (CP stands for, uh, Charles Patrick of course... lol)

on the Comet, the last ride we rode. :) Fun day!

More Pics