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The Fabulous Fable Factory

I had these online in my old photo albums, and i decided to put them back up, bc this was a fun show, and i have a ton of pics!

cast pic

Amy and her signature move lol

Zac and Amy... intriguing...

Jess bling-blingin' in my car (too bad there are no old men around)

me & Jess in my car

Zac, Amy, me.. feel the love!

ok.. maybe there's too much love!!

we are ghost cows! we have no bodies!! (me & Kiriko)

nice group shot

me, Nick, Kiriko, Brooke

Craig, Zac, Jess, Rosena, Rob

another group shot

Jess & Amy haha

aww i love you

me & Zac again.. this would be a cute pic if my EYES WERE OPEN

the Aesop mullet!! it's so me..

umm... Zac...

me, Kiriko, and Lizzie

another group shot...

the cast party!

hahaha Jess!!

dancing to my 80s rap at the party

me & Mark singing!

and all that jazz!

Wilkommen! yay kickline of 2!

woah Mark!

still singing...

teary goodbyes

me, Jess, Amy, Kiriko

rehearsal pics i took for my culminating project

yea assistant director!!

helping Taylor w/ the dance

doing crew stuff for my project

shots from the show

More Pics