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Annie Get Your Gun pics

In honor of Mr. Bag, I appropriately made this page yellow and black.

pics of the actual show


that's me & Ryan... wearing matching purple tights...

Des & Zac

in a deep discussion, i'm sure

Des & Angie dancing, or something close to that :)

me & Mike!

haha ooh yea Des

the birthday cake Shannon spent 7 hours making for me!

Cast party at Z's: Angie, Zack, me, Des, Zac on the love swing lol

still on the love swing

Shannon, me, Jon, Zac

hahaha Shannon... there's Jon & Zac too

after the pillow fight.. Ciara chasing Zack...

beat down! go Ciara!!

me & Jon! i love this pic.

me & Desiree

balloon girls! seriously, we were like the foundation of the entire show! :) Lauren, Andrea, me, Ciara

***pics of the actual show are on the way! don't worry***

More Pics