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by 'Countrycool'

Because of my great love for all animals, I have found myself drawn to the native american belief of totem animals

The idea of totem animals is similar in a sense to angels, but also in being guided and taught lessons. Totems are a part of the spiritual path but also represents far more in their value for understanding sultural heritage as well as personality types.

There are numerous animals considered part of the system of totem animals.

This is dependent on geographical area, tradition, and the different meanings of animals in different tribes.

The animal is actually thought to choose the person, not the other way around. A person starts to see what appears to be coincidences or signs or omens concerning the animal that is their appropriate animal.

In today's world, for example, that may be seeing a hawk flying overhead, followed by picking up a magazine and finding a hawks picture in it.

The animal is believed to possess qualities that the person has or lessons the person needs to learn. Each animal has symbolic significance and is in itself the key to lessons that need to be imparted by what some would call a spirit.

It is about finding your true path, learning many lessons and stretching yourself for personal growth.

As you learn one lesson and need to move on to another lesson your animal totem will change to guide you on your path.

Look around you and be aware so you may find your true path. Life is not a destination, it is a journey. So take the chance, take the first step; enjoy and experience each step.




I have had people ask me how you can tell which animals are your totems.

I will tell you what a very wise person once told me.

The best way to recognize your totems is to slow down and look around you.

Observe the world around you and look at the animals you see every day.

Animal totems include a much broader range than most people think.

In addition to what most people think, a totem can also be a reptile, insect, sea creature, or any other life form anywhere in the world.

I have come across some questions that may also help you.

Get a piece of paper and a pen.

Read the question and write down the first thing you think not think about the question.

If nothing comes to mind at once leave it blank.

Be specific about the animals. For example, don't just write bird, say what kind of bird it is.

Here are the questions:

1) what animal has characteristics you admire?

2) what qualities in yourself do others most admire?

3) if you could be any animal, which one would it be? Why?

4) particular animal you see often?

5) particular animal that seems to turn up in an unexpected place?

6) particular animal that seems to be trying to get your attention?

7) what animals do you notice on way to work or school?

8) what animals are in your neighborhood?

9) what animals are in your yard?

10) what animals do you notice on a trip?

11) what animals do you see when in the woods or remote place?

12) what animals do you go to see first at the zoo?

13) what animals do you notice in magazines, tv or movies?

14) what animals do you have at home? Who are their wild ancestors?

15) what animals are you drawn to?

16) what animals are featured in your jewelry, clothing or furnishing, etc.?

17) what animals are in your dreams? is the dream pleasant or a nightmare? does the animal show up in dreams often?

18) when you look at a partifular animal how does it make you feel?

19) what animals soothes you when you are in its presence?

20) what animals seems to like you or that you are good at soothing?

21) what animal do you fear the most?

22) what bad qualities do you need to improve? what animals do those things well?

23) what are your deepest innermost fears? what animal represents these fears?

When you are done...look at your list. Study the animals on your list.

It will become clear which animals are incidental to you and which have true importance to you.

Each animal has its own special power and message.

They come to you because they have a lesson that we need to learn; a power they are willing to share; and a wisdom they wish to impart to us.

Understanding will come when you are ready to open yourself up to receive it.

Once you have discovered which animals represent your totem animals then you will be ready to find out what lesson it is that you need to learn.



aurorawhiskeybar: Mine is the LEOPARD

angel_laugh: I am an Eagle Out of those questions I got 13 which answered to an eagle I hope that is a good thing.... Eagles r beautiful to watch flying, they r so free everytime I see them I'm awe struck,Is this good? They r such beautiful creatures to sit back and watch they really bring such a peace of mind to me They're beauty is amaising


countrycool: I have more than one totem. It is not unusual for someone to have more than one animal totem. Usually someone has one or two main constant totems and then two or three that change as the lessons they need to learn also change. My main totems which never seem to change are the wolf, and the horse. The cat is also one of my totems but the color of the cat changes quite often (I am not really sure of the significance of that). In addition currently I have a whale and a butterfly totem...the butterfly recently replace a leopard.

Mohawk_hytyone: about the animal totem Igot like 4 main ones but I kinda already knew them to be I guess A black wolf, white buffalo, cougar and a badger (they in muh dreams and the wolf in real life) I see the wolf every once and awhile when I go to my camp in the summer and when I ride my bike in the woods behind my old house he is berry pretty and the buffalo started to show up in my dreams after my dad died in sept. (coincidence?)

aurorawhiskeybar: About the you know what the cats mean if you always see them? Because out of all the animals I seem to be connected with for animal totems, its always a wild cat, So far a leopard, black panther and cheetah

dark_muse: For me, when you dream of your totem animal in colors, it means that that is the path that might need addressing.

The 4 directions have their own colors.

N is red,

E is yellow,

S is white, and

W is black.

Colors other than these can be a blending of different directions.

Countrycool: " Animal Totems - Types "

I have found some information on different animals that tribal members have asked about. But, first I must explain that different tribes sometimes have different meanings for certain animals. It is also important to keep in mind what the animals mean to you. It also makes a difference what type of animal totem they are representing. So keeping all that in mind, I will tell you what I have found out.

First off I must explain the 4 types of animal totems. The first is

your lifelong animal totem. These animals will be with you your entire life. They generaly reflect your inner spiritual nature, and are always there when you need them. Secondly, there is

your journey animal totem. These animals are with you for a long period of times, perhaps years. They will remind and guide you on your path. As your path and needs change so will your animal guides. Third, are the messanger animal totems. They are with you for a shorter period of time, days or even weeks. They may bring you a message of spiritual self growth or a cautionary message, perhaps to delay you, so you will not be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The last type of animal totem is the shadow animal totem. This is usually an animal that you start by being afraid of. It represents your inner fears that you must overcome.Until you face those fears and learn the lesson it will work against you and you will remain scared. Once the fear is overcome this animal totem may become your most powerful totem.

Now that I have explain the type of totems..I will try to help any of you who wonder what your totem represents. But, keep in mind the type of totem is important; because that will help you to understand why the totem is in your life.

aurorwhiskeybar: this is cool learning about it..My animals are always the leopard, mountain lion, black panther I have to say the black panther is the one thats been with me the longest. then the leopard I have also seen a very long time



1 LEOPARD - valor, elusivness, hidden knowledge

PANTHER - intuition, inner power

COUGAR/MOUNTAIN LION - silent power, self-confidence

EAGLE - strength, power, wisdon, vision, healing, message from Spirit. You are wearing your skin too tight...learn to fly with the eagle...learn feeling of freedom again. Brings you mental clarity and the ability to rise above the material to see the spiritual. Brings a message from Spirit to balance you vision healings...Spirit Power.

BUFFALO - adundance, courage, determination. Represents importance of sharing and caring for other.

BADGER - ferocity, courage, tenacity, boldness.

WOLF - guide and teacher, family, loyalty, strength.

HORSE - power, freedom grace. Will teach you to communicate with other realms as well as this one.

CAT - independence, cleverness, mystery.

BUTTERFLY - transformation, transmutation, magick, joy, beauty chakras. Represents your ability to accept change. Easy and joyous transformation on the way. Changes magically happen. Growth from caterpillar to butterfly. Butterflys of all colors represents abundance of joy, cleansing and balancing of the chakras.

UNICORN - love, gentleness, strength, purity, and helper to the dragon.

WHALE - trust, faith, balance, harmony, healing. They offer the ability to see the unseen, healing of the soul and balance between good and evil. Bring us soul memory and memory of past lives. Bring the ability to know wisdon of ages from time before time.

LEOPARD - valor, elusiviness, hidden knowledgeThe crow is the guardian of the place before existence. he sees the past, present and future and is the carrier of souls from darkness into light. Represents magic, mystery, and intelligence.

The crow brings courage to move from darkness into the light. Brings secrets from the past, ethics, intelligence and vision for you


vondastan: Cool, as soon as I saw butterfly totem I knew it was me - the monarch butterfly makes my heart leap for joy whenever I see it. I have to plant swan plants for it. I have always embraced change. Not so much now I am getting older (55). I was very settled for 3 years but now am wondering about what to do next. Also the fantail and bellbird are special to me. (nothing with it's feet on the ground) sigh. life could be easier. especially as I don't look flighty and part of me longs to be grounded


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