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Name Antoņio Fernando (yea...u knew it...i know...) Dorado
Nicknames 1 shot wonder, 1 time, Spider-Man
Date of Birth February 3, 1984
Hometown Castroville, Cali4nia
Fav. Music Punk rock, Rock, Rap, Old school, Oldies, pretty much everything EXCEPT country...::shivers::
Occupation Marine Corps Recruit
FAV. BANDS & ARTISTAFI, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Thursday, Eminem, DMX, 2pac, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Nate Dogg, Nirvana, Drowning Pool, Bad Religion, Ludicris, Sum 41, P.O.D., and so many more i cant name...
FAV. quotes"FUCK IT. life goes on"- J. Alvarado; "Nerd"-M. Whitbeck; "Im going to Africa! im gonna see lions and tigers and bears and santa clause!"-R. Wighem; "hey u!"-G. Avalos
Comments About Me, By Me... Well, This is Where I get to tell u a little about my self. I was born into a humble home here in castroville at around 3:30 in the morning...oh? diffrent story? alrite than playa...Well, i live here in Castroville, Artichoke Center of the as u can imagine, not much to do around here. So what i do like to do is hang out, listen to music, i love my punk rock, ummm the mall scene here is AWFUL, so thats outta the question most of the time, and cruisin in salinas is kinda old. I am currently unemployed, and i can thank the US marine Corps for that, i am still trying to join up with the corps(joined as of sep 12), but its not working out yet...we'll see...umm, i dont no what else u want to 6'0 tall, about 125, i like to run alot, play football, and chill on my computer alot, drinking and partying is always a must for me and my crew of 1, so yea. Well here is a little update on my life... well, im off at Marine Corps Training, hard shit. since i no of 1 person that EVER comes to this site, and hes a bitch...ill talk as candidly as i feel like...nessa, i like u and when i come back, imma ask u out, imma take u too an awesome beach spot that i found. AINT NO ONE EVER COMES TO THIS DAMN SITE!!! WHAT A WASTE OF TIME!!!
Comments About Me, By You...