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Selona as exchange student 


Something about me | School at Den Bosch | Exchange students 


Something about me 

I am studying at Helsinki Business Polytechnic, international marketing. Currently I am as exchange student in the Netherlands, at the city called 's-Hertogenbosch. I will be studying here until July 2003. In this homepage you will see some stuff of my exchange period. Hope you'll enjoy it! 





School at Den Bosch 

                    Here is my school

Hogeschool 's-Hertogenbosch, University of Professional Education, is located in the capital of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant, which is a centre of art and culture, administration, trade and services.

The courses of most of the study programmes are taught in Dutch. Nevertheless, most of them do offer ample opportunities for exchange students to participate in research projects, traineeships, etc. If you want to participate in the regular Dutch study programmes, however, you must be able to prove that your command of Dutch is sufficient. As proof is accepted the ‘Staatsexamen NT2-II (Dutch as a Second Language).  

General Description

The International Business and Languages department has created the International Business Programme. As the name suggests, the programme has a pronounced international character. It goes without saying that such a feature implies an openness to foreign contacts, which has led to a policy of not only limiting the department’s international scope merely to sending students abroad for study and traineeship periods, but also to creating an international atmosphere within the institute itself. To this end we have established the International Business Programme, taught in English.

The International Business Programme is very flexible. You can choose either one or two semesters project education on export management and/or international purchase management. If you wish to take a bachelors degree you can follow an extra two semesters for Internship and Final Work Placement plus Thesis, if you meet the prerequisites.

Teaching and Study Methods

Teaching Staff and Methods
The teaching staff comes from the Hogeschool ’s-Hertogenbosch. Tuition takes the form of classes, case studies, and projects as well as exercises, completed individually and in groups. Students are expected not only to attend classes, but also to participate actively.

Which programmes are English taught?

International Business Studies
European Project Semester
International Civil Engineering
Academy of Art and Design
Construction Engineering

I am studying at international business and languages- program. Main subjects are Export and  International Purchase Managment. In the Export and International Purchase Management Semester, students work in small teams. This should facilitate social integration and a thorough acquaintance with Dutch social and cultural life.

English courses

The International Business Programme is specially designed for exchange students. The programme offers you a five months to two years programme in solving real problems of real companies, taught in English. The IBP uses English as the official language and is organised and administered by the Hogeschool’s Academy of Marketing & International Management.

European Project Semester
In EPS, an international team of students work on a real-world project, carefully chosen to match their specialisms and capabilities. The language of communication and instruction is English. For one semester students work with different nationalities on a technically based, internationally oriented project.
Check out the EPS website for more info.

International Civil Engineering
ICE is an international programme, taught in English.
Civil Engineering deals with the whole range of activities and problems related to the development, construction and maintenance of public works in populated areas, such as the transport infrastructure, waterworks, water management and the environment. It can also involve the design of roads, railways and waterways with related structures such as bridges, tunnels, dikes and sewers. The course in Civil Engineering is the final phase of the standard four year programme of the Hogescholen Utrecht and ‘s-Hertogenbosch and provides further education and training for students who completed a course of study in Civil Engineering in their own country.

Academy of Art and Design
The Academy of Art and Design offers English courses and do not require the NT2-II Certificate. The college offers some opportunities for exchange programmes in an international atmosphere. Individual teaching methods require less command of Dutch. In addition, in the specializing stage of one’s study programme, classical teaching plays a less important role. The Academy welcomes international students.

Construction Engineering
The Construction Engineering programme includes a number of elements that allow students to participate in four different international exchange projects. Obviously the teaching language is English.
For futher information about these projects, check the Construction Engineering programme. Also have a look at the Combee website.

Students interested in a course of study offered by our partner-school Hogeschool Brabant should visit website



Exchange students

The school is very international, there are lots of foreign students: from China, Vietnam, Japan, Corea, Spain, France, Poland and of course from Finland. But in this school they don't organize much events for the foreign students, you just go the lessons or group meetings and that is it! It is very difficult to get in touch with Dutch students because almost everyone lives outside Den Bosch. Dutch students seems that they don't want to hang around with foreign students. 

We exchange students have tried to get along by ourselves, trying to have fun together. Den Bosch is not really for young people, here nothing happens..... it is quite boring!  


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