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Den Bosch -City







The City of ís-Hertogenbosch  

's-Hertogenbosch = 

 a meeting place

Welcome to the capital of the province of North Brabant. The Dutch have a saying: ĎLife is good in Brabant Country? And this applies to the city of ís-Hertogenbosch, too. With its rich history, ís-Hertogenbosch offers a wide range of shops, markets, recreational and sports facilities, as well as numerous events and festivities.

ís-Hertogenbosch is not just the provincial capital; it is truly the Inner City of Brabant!


The Dutch usually call this city ĎDen Bosch? but its official name is ís-Hertogenbosch. This literally means Ďthe woods of the duke? That duke was Henry I of Brabant, who gave ís-Hertogenbosch its city rights and all associated trading privileges in 1185.

The oldest part of ís-Hertogenbosch, right at its heart, is the triangular market square. The earliest walls used to surround this square. From these walls, the inhabitants of the city, called ĎBosschenaren? defended their homes, and for a long time the city was renowned as an invincible stronghold. Because the city was also surrounded by wetlands, the delta area of the small rivers the Aa and the Dommel, the city soon gained the heroic nickname ĎThe Invincible Dragon of the Marshes?

Through the centuries, ís-Hertogenbosch successfully fought off attacks from Holland and Gelderland, as well as from the far north and the south, which was under the control of the Spanish. In 1815, ís-Hertogenbosch become the political and cultural capital of Brabant and the city has grown considerably since that time. Apart from the city itself , the borough of ís- Hertogenbosch now consists of Rosmalen, Bokhoven, Empel, and Engelen. Today, as evidenced by the many new buildings, the restoration of historic buildings and the varied nightlife, the city is a bustling and lively place.

Facts and Figures

ís-Hertogenbosch was founded in 1185. The historical centre has the oldest city-rights in the Netherlands.
The current population is about 130,000 people.
ís-Hertogenbosch is the sixteenth largest city in the Netherlands.
Over 2.5 million people visit the city every year.
ís-Hertogenbosch is home to 9000 companies.
93,000 people work in the city.
        ís-Hertogenbosch has nearly 1,000 monuments.   

Source: Tourist Information Office


Some basic words in dutch

welkom = welcome
hallo hoi = hello, hi
goedemorgen = good morning
goedemiddag = good afternoon
goedenavond = good evening
prettig kennis te maken = nice to meet you
hoe gaat het? = how are you?
prima, dank je = I am fine, thanks
ik heet... = my name is...
hoe heet jij? = what is your name?
uit welk land kom jij? =  what country are you from?
ik kom uit Nederland = I am from the Netherlands
ik ben Brits = I am British
Duits =  German
Spaans = Spanish
Frans = French
ik spreek geen Nederlands = I do not speak Dutch
ik ben... = I am... years old
dag; doei (informeel) = goodbye ; bye

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