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Zefiroth : 2002
By: Jetica

In the summer of 2002 this strange article appeared in the Furcadian Newsletter:

Furcadia has been growing rapidly, and many of you have suggested a new main map to provide more room for players to meet, chat and have fun together. Very soon after you read these lines we will introduce a beautiful map that you'll fall in love with. Where it will be? We won't tell! We won't even announce it when we add it! -- Will you be among the first to discover this secret area? And then soon after… Zefiroth was born..

(One of the many beautiful scenes that lay in Zerfiroth.)

A mystical isle floats in the fluffy white clouds above Kasuria. Upon its earth are beautiful lush forests filled with delicate rainbows. Statues of Primes are scattered throughout the isles.. This is the fabled isle of Zefiroth and you’ve just discovered it…

(A statue of a Prime, with a winged feline observer.)

This mythical place can only be reached by furres with wings. Though never fear wingless ones! Furres with wings can swoop down and lift you up to the wonderful isle that floats in the sky.

(A cave that rests within the forests that cover the island.)

The dream was made by Ridere and the wonderful patches and artwork by Kestrel, Oraclese, and Marah~Fae.