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Butterfly Day : 2002
By: Jetica

May 19th 2002 and the beautiful butterfly has just invaded Furcadia! Butterfly Day had begun! This event was planned in honor of the release of the wings in June of 2002. Everywhere you looked excitement was growing for the release and beauty of the colorful wings.

(Even the Help Desk got into the Butterfly Spirit!)

This event was the first of its kind, and hopefully not the last. It was enjoyed by most furres who appreciate butterflies and the impressive patchwork done by Talzhemir. Similar occasions have taken place in the past, such as Phoenix and Dragon days. In each, interesting events occurred. An example of one of these special events was the Butterfly Pageant. A colorful even that brought the butterfly out in every furre.

(The Butterfly Pageant was a chance for everyone to show his or her true colors.)

On this day, Talzhemir also reminded us all that the butterfly is beautiful in every way, but it is also endangered in some places. This helped furres to think about the nature that surrounded them and how they could help out. It was decided at the end of the day that Butterfly Day was a huge success.

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