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Welcome to Katrina Menzies Scotlass page! This is my second attempt at a page so please excuse the construction. I hope you like the new pictures! I'll be adding the newest ones a bit later.

I'm a fitness model, dancer, writer and instructor at a dance/fitness center. Recently, I moved to Santa Monica to pursue both modeling and a career as a legal secretary. Besides dancing and fitness, I love Scottish history & tales. My Scottish father was in the RAF, before coming to the USA in 1982 to work with the US military. He flew missions in the Falkland's conflict and met my mother in Argentina before the war. My mother is Irish/Argentian (oh, the irony!). I live now in southern California and model, dance, write and work as a legal assistant.

I'm going devote this page to promote better understanding of the art behind ethnic dancing, my heritage and my favorite pastimes, True horror stories and the History of Scotland. Also, some of my modeling pictures will be here. That seems to interest the guys more than the hisory!

  • A Demented Love:
    The macabre story of Dr. Von Cosels love obsession. Contains GRAPHIC images - beware!

  • Concise Scottish History
    This is a new project of mine to tell the history of my father's homeland, Scotland, in a brief, but researched format of articles.

  • Samples of my Modeling Pictures bikini, lingerie, non-nudes section.

  • My Semi-nude pages.
    Enter only if you are 18 years old!


    Thank you for visiting my page at Angelfire.
    Please come back and visit again! More pictures coming soon. New "Concise Scottish History" by me is now here. Also, read the true of story of the horrific obsession of Dr. Von Cosel {graphic images - beware!}
    Love, Kat