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Santos -n- Mae Mendoza

September 14, 2001

Date: 7-21-03.........Santos, I feel so lucky to have you in my life. I am SO proud of you. After two years, we've come a long way, and things are finally going a steady pace. Good luck in what you choose to do in school. I'm here by your side the whole way. Keep it up hunny! I love you so much words can't describe and when I'm with you, nothing else matters. Just know that I'll always be here, and I hope you never let go either. I love you baby and thank you for the love you have given me. 823...

Love Alwayz- Mae

Date: 7-29-03.........where to start, i could say i love you 100 times and it still wouldnt be enough. I appriciate any and everything you do for me if it wasnt for you i wouldnt be where im at today. I honestly believe your an angel from above put here to love and guide me. i will always love you nomatter what.ive done things that i wish i wouldnt have but now all look foward to is you in my future. Im a KING and i want you to be my QUEEN. may my blessing and love be with you till the end of time.i hope and wish the best for you in anything you ever do cause i know your capable of so much, i mean look you have seem to manage dealing with me for two yrs youv got skills girl. i love you sweetheart, 9-14-2001

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