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Welcome to the Videography... This part of the site shows you all the promo videos, TV apperances and film cameos by the band! Featured so far are all the promo videos released so far, but I'm still looking for screen shots of: Rachel Stamp's apperance on "G:MT", shots from ANY bootleg videos out there and the live bit on BBC3's "Closure" show. Also, a big thanx and spanks goes to David Ryder-Prangley for taking the time to add his own little thoughts to each of the promo videos! Thanx DRP!

Pop Singer
Directed by: MAX and DANIA

DRP: “Pop Singer” was directed by MAX and DANIA who also made FIVE's 'everybody get up'. As far as i know this never got shown anywhere and features myself, will, cliff harris and mike rowe. i don't have a copy. i generally hate our videos...
  • The Debut Video, filmed early 1996
  • Received no airplay on TV and remains in the WEA vaults!

Hey Hey Michael You're Really Fantastic

DRP: “Hey Hey Michael...” was directed by CHRIS WILLIAMS and camerawork by some bloke who did the PRODIGY 'firestarter' video. same line up as above. i almost got blinded by an ultraviolet light in a bit that didn't make it to the final cut. got shown maybe once on mtv and on swedish tv. the guitars and bass we used in this video were stolen. they wouldn't let us have fire. i don't like it.

  • The Second and probably final video the band made with WEA
  • Filmed mid 1996
  • Received little airplay on TV and remains in the WEA vaults!
  • There are rumours of a promo video for “Madonna… Cher…”

I Wanna Be Your Doll
Directed by: CORIN HARDY

DRP: directed by CORIN HARDY, rejected by mtv for having scenes of dolls being mutilated. features me will and robin...


  • The band’s third promo video!
  • Filmed early 1999 and issued through Snapper/Madfish label
  • Very cool and groovy video featuring Becca Grover as the band’s captor

Monsters Of The New Wave
Directed by: PAUL HARRIES

DRP: directed by PAUL HARRIES. i like this one - us in a white studio at the height of ultra cartoon phase of the band. apparently picked out by MARILYN MANSON on some tv show as a favourite although i'm not sure what the exact story is... line up as above with also shaheena...


  • Directed by Paul Harries, who does a lot of Tairrie B’s videos
  • Filmed June/July 2000
  • Another cool and groovy video of the band!

Spank (Live at the London Astoria, 2000)
Directed by: CORIN HARDY


  • Not really a promo video, but appears on CD2 of the “Black Cherry” single
  • Filmed by Corin Hardy at the “Horror Of Rachel Stamp” show, infront of a sold out crowd at the London Astoria on the 28/10/00
  • Great look at the whole live experience of Rachel Stamp!
  • Hopefully, there’s a full recording of this fantastic show somewhere!

Black Cherry
Directed by: PAUL HARRIES

DRP: directed by PAUL HARRIES. the most successful vid we've done.
all over mtv and kerrang channel. i like this too although it was absolutely freezing all day...


  • This video finally gave the band some airplay on major TV channels!
  • Filmed early 2002
  • And of course, another fantastic video

Do Me In Once And I’ll Be Sad, Do Me In Twice And I’ll Know Better
Directed by: Brett Mauser and DeMarcus Young


  • Filmed on the band’s recent trip to the USA by PONDEROUS PRODUCTIONS
  • Filmed March, 2003
  • There is supposedly another promo video made late 2002, featuring Robin Guy
  • Features some cool live clips too.

Directed by: Craig Griffith


  • Directed by critically acclaimed director, Craig Griffith
  • Filmed September, 2004
  • There are two versions of the promo video. The only version released so far is the "alternate cut", which is available on the "Honey/Queen of The Universe" CD Single.

TV & Film Appearances:
...coming soon, but here's a taster

Rachel Stamp on BBC3’s “Closure”


  • Features Robin Guy being interviewed about playing drums with Faith No More
  • Also has Rachel Stamp performing “Black Cherry” live
  • This was the first show in the series that was quite crap if it wasn’t for that little bit with Rachel Stamp
  • Thanx to Aimee for the screenshot
  • More Screenshots coming soon…

Bootleg Videos:
...coming soon, but here's whats outthere...

Live At The London Astoria 2, February 2000
DRP's Acoustic Gig, 2003

...more info soon...

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